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Critical bug: monsters and loot apeared again; no chance to enter the 7th floor in the Od Nua



After battle on the Yenwood field I've encountred a few problems at the same time:

1) the progress of the locations was reset: apeared the monsters I had already defeated and loot I had already got;

2) the same with the souls I had already spoken with (for example, the spirit next to the entrance of the Caed Nua);

3) Eder got a wish to talk as I came close to Caed Nua, but when I press it, there is nothing;

4) because of the first problem, I can have two same items. In the Od Nua, at the 6th floor, I have two Peridot Overseer Seals, but the door that lets to get to the 7th floor can't see any of them, so I can´t continue my traveling

The link to system files, savefile, screenshots, and log file: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hFX-kyTFFlKwqzueMOU7dFT_yqFT6vD8?usp=sharing


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