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6 hours ago, anergyboy said:

I accidentally bugged out "Blessed Was Wengridh..." with Strand of Favor and I was wondering if there way any way to remove it without casting Arcane Cleanse for 100 hours.

Yes, with console (~) type (note <TAB> means press tab to autocomplete the name of your player)

iroll20s <ENTER>
RemoveStatusEffect player<TAB> Blessed_Was_Wengridh_MoveBoost_SE <ENTER>
RemoveStatusEffect Player<TAB> Blessed_Was_Wengridh_Reflex_SE <ENTER>

If it is a companion their names vary, but for instance aloth is c_aloth, you can find them by typing RemoveStatusEffect c_<TAB> and cycling through the various companions

If that doesn't work type RemoveStatusEffect and place your mouse over the character in question then press <TAB> to get their exact name, then complete the commands as above. 

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4 hours ago, thelee said:

is this on mainchar or a party member? if the latter, i wonder if removing them and then re-adding them to your party would fix it.

It's on Tekehu. Neither respeccing or benching and rehiring seem to matter.

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