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New Idea's For The Game!? :0

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Like no one has ever said that before lol. 

Anyways both myself and a few of my friends were playing around and It got me to think about a few ideas that could work their way in without heavily conflicting with too much of the mainline story progression and/or progression about getting bug resources and stuff, that being said here are a few ideas that I'm just kind of spitballing at the moment:

1. Grass Hopper Mutation - as I'm moving around in the game I find myself jumping a lot outside of most base-building elements, and that got me thinking about mutations and how if you do certain actions you would level up said mutation, so I thought why not turn jumping into something better then what it already is! for starters, it could line up perfectly with how most other games portray smaller characters or creatures to have an increased jump based on their size so the logistics of it could be covered up in-game by going with the logic that "you still might be small but you're still human!" or something like that. As for the mutation itself, the attributes would be increased jump height (but not too high as it could lead to falling damage) and more acrobatic/faster movement while in the air. I say this for both ground and air enemies being that you just want a quick way to dodge out the way from an orb weaver fast instead of just blocking or say you want to get extra hits in with a mosquito but you don't wanna wait till they get closer or hit them with your bow. 

2. Grass Hoppers? - This one is kind of out there since I believe it would be way too much work to put these guys in since they hop a bunch but who knows? If they were added in they would have all the standard stuff that you would want from them (i.e. them being stuffed, armor, etc.) The one main thing I could see them being used for would be their legs to be used for a spiked club (but you guys already have a bunch of those to begin with lol).

Finally, I have a really good idea for a new pet, and some people will either love it or hate it but if this could be the only idea I could share this would be it, regardless drum roll!!

3. jumping spiders!! - I know crazy right? "wow, another spider to add to the mix.. yay.." people must be saying right now which I get.. BUT!! when you think about it, it starts to kind of make sense. First off, they're tiny enough that you could keep them as a pet and have them in your home with them just chilling out in there. Second, there fluffy and adorable compared to most of the other spiders and wouldn't be used for combat in any way (like how you can have mom genes and have Spiderlings or have the Widowlings with the Widowlings charm) plus we don't have any nice spider representation! I mean of course, we're tiny, but that doesn't mean all spiders have to be jerks to us!!! Third, most in real-life jumping spiders are really not a threat to us humans, most of the time they really are scared of us! That being said they are very curious arachnids in that some have described them as tiny 8-legged cats that just chill out and just do what they want (plus you could give them a little cat bed for them to rest on while inside and all), not only that but yes people do have them as pets in real life too so that's always fun to know it could be a direct comparison, plus they're known to do funny little dances when they mate so that hilarious. Finally, I believe a way to just ease them in is by having tiny silk sack dens scattered around the yard as a way to not spook out new players/players with arachnophobia by having them run around like how aphids do. now just like how there would be boss meals, you would need something like that to summon them, there would be ten or so sacks around the map all with their own different recipes (e.g. oak tree, sandbox, the shed, etc.). I say more than just one because you might be playing with friends and everyone might want one so there ya go, plus not to mention they would have variants! That being they might be more red or yellow with strips like a bee or blue (all depends on where you have their silk sack location to represent that area of the game) but just like with different SCA.B UI that you find, the moment you find a new one, it unlocks the ability to change their look, by feeding them the different meals that you used to summon the other types!! If that makes sense :p

regardless these are just a few ideas that I came up with and I hope someone sees this and maybe they might be picked up who knows, but I am glad I could be able to share these ideas here! ^w^

P.S. I attached a cute jumping spider image for everyone to enjoy! :3


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