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First I just want to say I love this game. Didn’t know about it until it released but fell in love with it ever sense. I want this game to be the best it can so I’m going to try and give some decent feedback from a casual ideal prospective.

Cozy meter: The idea is awesome and work’s wonderfully, until 4 going to 5. The idea of your base progressing as you progress is great, but then that idea breaks when trying to progress to 5. It feels like you have to clutter the base with a lot in such a small area just to get the final things. People usually expand their bases outwards but having it stay in a 6x6 feels very restrictive. I think the best way is to have the area expand by a bit with every cozy level. Then it doesn’t feel like you have to clutter one room to get the buildables and perks.

The Bow: Having an updating that expands on the bow class is awesome, but it just misses the shot for me. The bow doesn’t feel very significant from others in its class for it being a boss weapon. The apex perk feels very underpowered considering what the other weapons got, a wasp that does one attack and dies. Let alone you can accidentally kill it. I feel like having the summoner class mixed with archery is good especially in single player, but the wasp just doesn’t do a lot. I feel like it can be more powerful sense you need the boss weapon and a mutation from a separate boss. 

The Armor: The armor is good, but it’s hard to find the indication to tell if your fully charged or not. This set being a combo heavy. Just a little meter or something on the screen would help a lot with this. Other than that it feels normal in other senses. 

Concluding thoughts: The update is great with mutations and just adding more to the game itself. The only thing I hope they add is taking friendly fire off of custom only. The amount of times I have accidentally murdered my party with the Mask of the Mother Demon is insane XD. But overall I’m glad this game is getting love by the devs and has a great community. Thank you for your time.

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you know what would be really cool to make out of wasp wings? a new glider! that would be so cool! 

a bow doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but is still very cool. 

wasps have been one of the most anticipated bugs in the entire game, teased all the way back in 2019! I feel like I got trolled when the giga-chad boss that is the queen only lets me craft BARD-themed stuff. I feel like that would better fit a grasshopper, or a cricket. 

I expected a wasp stinger weapon, or something that utilizes a wasp's arsenal. those guys suck. 


other notes:

wasps move beautifully, I hate it very very much. and that's good, because I HATE wasps in real life.

you guys have done a beautiful job in the compost bin, filling it with a fun obstacle course of books, nails, and TAZ.T arms!

spiders still scare the doo doo mc doody out of me. excellent.


 this game makes me want to go outside and find the bug that just killed me in game, and squish it for real, but thanks to this recent update, I decided against it. great update devs. I give it a 9/10

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