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welcome thoughts, comments, feedback. I love em though!!


Templar [MC]:  Hand of Bërath 

  • Priest (Berath)

  • Paladin (Shield bearers)

  • Race (Nature Godlike)

  • Primary role (Tank)

  • Additional roles (Healer, buffer, DPS magic with scrolls)

  • Weapon style (Sword and shield)

  • Primary mid-game weapon (Sword: Min's Fortune) 

  • Primary end-game weapon (Flail: Magran's Favor)

  • Small Shield (Xoti's Lantern for thrashing aura)

  • Active (Arcana 20+)

  • Passive (Religion 20+)


Hunter:  Flavio del Maricón 

  • Ranger (Sharpshooter)

  • Cipher (Beguiler)

  • Race (Orlan)

  • Primary role (DPS ranged)

  • Additional roles (Crowd control)

  • Weapon style (Two-handed)

  • Primary mid-game weapon (Arquebus: Red hand, for 2 shots per turn)

  • Animal companion:  Boar

  • Active (Mechanics 20+)

  • Passive (Bluff, Survival, Streetwise)


Sage:  Tama Pièdmont 

  • Monk (Shatterpillar)

  • Wizard (No subclass)

  • Race (Aumaua)

  • Primary role (DPS melee)

  • Additional roles (None)

  • Weapon style (Two-handed)

  • Primary early-game weapon (Summoned staff)

  • Primary late-game weapon (Summoned lance)

  • Headgear (Thaos Headdress)

  • Active (Alchemy 20+)

  • Passive (History, Insight, Diplomacy)


Swashbuckler:  Jack Spãrrow 

  • Rogue (Streetfighter)

  • Fighter (Unbroken)

  • Race (Human)

  • Primary role (Tank)

  • Additional roles (DPS melee, debuffer)

  • Weapon style (Sword and shield)

  • Primary late-game weapon (Sabre:  Aldris Blade of Captain Crow)

  • Medium shield (Lethandria's Devotion)

  • Medium armor (Casità de Samilta)

  • Headgear (Fair favor)

  • Active (Sneak 10+, Sleight 10+)

  • Passive (Intimidate 20+)


Theurge:  Saruwūman the Blue 

  • Chanter (Troubadour)

  • Druid (Fury)

  • Race (Moon godlike)

  • Primary role (DPS magic)

  • Additional roles (Healer, summoner, debuffer, buffer)

  • Role (DPS magic, summons, buffing)

  • Weapon style (Sword and shield)

  • Primary early-game weapon (Scepter: Any, for modal)

  • Primary late-game weapon (Wand: A Whale of a Wand) 

  • Large Shield (Cadhu Scalth, for scaling buffs)

  • Active (Athletics 20+)

  • Passive (Metaphysics 20+)

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