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Question about finding NPC abilities

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I want to find which json file(s) the NPC characters list there battle abilities in. For example, if I wanted to find all the abilities of the Scourge NPCs in "The Beast of Winter" where would I look?

Also, is there a way at runtime to know what the Current Effects are for an NPC during combat? Similar to how I can look in the character sheet to see the Current Effects of my character.

I'm technically savvy and no C# and JSON very well.


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The progressiontables.gamedatabundle contains lists of all the base game's character's and creatures' abilities. Though the abilities for a Scourge and all other Beast of Winter specific enemies/npcs will be located in lax2_progressiontables.gamedatabundle.

As to your other question, there might be a console command that lets you view information on effects on NPCs in game. Otherwise I don't think there is any conventional way to see what effects are currently applied other than the information panel that appears in the corner when hovering over an enemy in combat.

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@KvellenThanks that was useful. I assume there is a graph of object relations between the different gamedatabundles using guids as ids? Is there an easy to way to see this graph across these files?

I can see where the current values for a particular ability is calculated at run time so the console would be the best way to view that  information. Still looking.

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