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Aloth skin color - how to find it's exact value? (rgba)

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Is there a way to find the exact (rgba) value of Aloth's skin color? So I can add it to possible wood elf skin colors inside of characters.gamedatabundle JSON file?  I made Aloth's head available for PC at character creation, however his head has does not match any of possible skin colors, which after all this effort feels anticlimatic...

I've loaded a save with Aloth in the party and his body color matches the head color perfectly.

Would someone be able to help?




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The character's appearance prefab in the characters.unity3d file lists his skinColor as:

"0 float r": 0.850980401,
"0 float g": 0.737254918,
"0 float b": 0.615686297,
"0 float a": 1

and his skinColor2 as:

"0 float r": 0.882352889,
"0 float g": 0.760784328,
"0 float b": 0.650980413,
"0 float a": 1

though neither (skinColor2 matches one of the existing options) seem to match the head.

It's possibly that Aloth has a unique skin as this is also listed in the prefab:

"1 string skinOverride": "Aloth",


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Hi @Kvellen :)

Thank you for your answer. Indeed, it's as you say. I checked -> The colors in characters.unity3d  do not match Aloth's actual skin color. They are overridden by "skinOverride: "Aloth" ".

The question is - where & how can I use this line of code? Ideally, I would like to simply use it in "player_new" part of characters.gamedatabundle JSON file (so far does not work, maybe I put it in a wrong place?).

So only my character has the "fixed" skin color, but all NPCs don't.

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Yeah, unfortunately I don't think it is possible to change suing a .gamedatabundle mod. It's likely only something that'd be possible through editing the prefab of player's appearance options. If there is a base Wood Elf skin type/material for the player character then it might be possible to edit it?

Sorry to say my experience only goes as far as using UABE to find things in .unity3d files, and have never had much luck with actually figuring out how to make functional edits to them.

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Posted (edited)

*sigh*... yeah, I am in over my head it seems. 

Tried to insert 'string skinOverride: "Aloth" '  in characters.unity3d  MonoBehaviour : Game.NPCAppearance (Assembly-CSharp.dll) (0xFFFFFFDF)  (assets/prefabs/characters/prototype/player_new_game.prefab), but that does not change anything in-game.

Maybe I am not in the right file, or there is some other reason... Who knows.

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