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Does "+X% Beneficial Effect Duration" have any effect on chants' linger duration?

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I've been trying to make Fassina sing two chants in a loop, as she seems to be the only companion able to reach 30 Int (4 items+Int Inspiration+Sushi with fancy name as food) and I was thinking if I can use the "+x% Beneficial Effect Duration" from Strand of Favor and Cabalist's Gambeson instead (the total of +20% duration is the equivalent of +4 Int). The problem is I don't know if the enchantment works that way. I couldn't see it explained in any previous topic and the in-game UI only accounts for Int bonus. I believe it should extend the linger time for Fassina only (i.e. for the person who bears the item), but I can't think of a way to test it.


For those curious, I've been looping Sure-Handed Illa and Myth Fir on Blightheart and gain a sweet corrode and fire lash on all my spells, but would gladly replace the Charm of Bones for Strand of Favor if I can rely on the enchant.


Edit: I can't count, apparently. I reached 30 Int with 4 items.

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i've used a lot of +beneficial effect items in the my last few runs (both percentage and also fixed), and sadly chants aren't impacted by them. they are just overridden in the game mechanics to always just be based on the default chant duration + the calculated linger.

that being said, salvation of time does work, but i suspect only because it happens at a different point in the game's computations than at chant-application time.


i haven't checked to see if offensive chants are negatively impacted by resolve or -hostile effect stuff, but i suspect they aren't either (ISTR being able to keep up some offensive chants on Dorudugan, who has maxed resolve)

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