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QoL Improvements (mainly correcting current mechanics)

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Hi guys,

Not gonna bore ya with "Add this and that" as the game is pretty much perfect, however, pretty please.....

1) Prevent auto sorting of inventories which happen.....
a) ...After death; the players inventory is sorted. Each player has their own preferences and position of their items. Having to move my/their stuff every time I/they die is an annoyance. I dont die much but if this was sorted I would take more risks lol
b) ...every time a new weapon is equipped, it moves the currently equipped weapon to a new empty slot. Please can you just leave items to be fixed in place until the player moves it or uses the sort function.
2) Please make Widow Daggers able to cut underwater stems/grass/clover just as the Spider Fang Dagger can.
3) Please have faster Zip lines. The ascender is far too slow and artificially slows the game pacing. Maybe have it slow early game but unlock a much faster way of using Zips late game...
4) Make Ox Horns drop as frequently as Ladybird Shells. The shells drop 150-300% per creature killed which allows for grindy but doable upgrades to all armours (in time). The way Ox Horns work at a 20-25% drop rate (1 Horn per 4/5 killed) is that the 15 Mighty Jewels (=THIRTY Supreme Whetstones (doubly as expensive as Candy)) needed would require 120-150 Ox Beetle kills. Total madness. Even 60-75 kills for a Candy upgrade to Lv 9 is a massive grind....
5) As regards number 4) above, this could be alleviated somewhat if we could dismantle weapons/gear so that any mistakes in our early game choices could be fixed later on. Let's face it, early game we are still learning creature weaknesses, etc. This would allow more experimentation and depth to the game (and longevity)....
6) Allow us to place and pick up ALL grass/stems (armour dependent) from a pallet instead of one at a time.
7) Make current traps/defences more effective and durable. The 3 enemies at my Bird Table base simply eat my spike traps and render them useless (destroying them usually) so every time I go back to base I have to take care of them (when they spawn)
(EIGHT) I have a powerful PC (but use a  controller) and in combat, very often, when trying to drink a smoothie in the Hotpouch wheel the command is ignored/not registered. The wheel is often then closed requiring you to open it again. This is death when facing the hardest enemies (on Woah). Bandages on the hotpouch wheel also require you to mash the A button to get you to apply one. This mechanic is worse in combat than when not....
9) We need a triangular corner piece for gable ends. When building a 5 x 5 area and I put a roof on, I have to leave a gap at the top as there is no piece that fits. This can be fixed by building a 6 x 6 area (or any even sided area) and using 2 triangular pieces but most players like odd numbered sides because thay can have a central door/exit which isnt possible on an even sided area.
10) Please make Natural Explorer resume immediately after combat ends instead of the 4-5 seconds it currently takes...

Thanks for the wonderful and refreshing game!!!

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