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1.1 Patch Notes

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  • Endris has a new minigame that can be found at the beginning of Act 1
  • Logic issue with the Final Day of Law and Judgment has been fixed to prevent people from being condemned if they were never accused
  • Telling Father Gernot your evidence against a character in Act II will no longer automatically prevent you from speaking with that character in the future. There is now a Persuade check-in place that can allow the conversation to continue.
  • Credits have been adjusted and updated to contain various additions and fixes
  • Parallax has been added to the meadow
  • Credits speed can now be adjusted, speeding up, slowing down, pausing, or reversing
  • You can now skip the intro
  • Created hybrid input option that keeps mouse active when using keyboard and mouse
  • Added an instant dialogue display option
  • Fixed bugs with the input mapper
  • Various Bug Fixes and Improvements
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