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Can't find flowers for A's medicine

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I am trying to find flowers to make medicine for brother Aedoc. I talked to Gertrude about it, and she told me to find some in the forest, but all prompts that pop up are regarding white flower I picked up night before.

I looked up a walkthrough and it seems like something must be off. Couple points:
1) I didn't get quest from sister Illuminata to get to the library - I discovered the secret entrance in actI and used it to sneak it unprompted

2) I didn't talk to system Getrude "directly" - a blind sister took me to her and we examined jars as part of another quest. After that was done, I was allowed to asked her about herbs for Aedoc. I can't initiate conversation with her now, and just generic bark popup up.

3) The journal hasn't updated and still tells me to talk to sister Getrude.

Please, getting young killed and briefly prolonging life of erderly seems to me by things so far.

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