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Questions on unresolved plot points (spoilers!!!)

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1. This was addressed if you dug into his story more.  You only knew about the scars from the doctor, right?  Well 


The adult Martin is not really Martin.  It was his highwayman partner who took his place after Martin died while out being a bandit.  The family is aware and does not want the town to know.

2. I figured it was Father Thomas just dressed as a ghost.

3. See #3

I have my own questions!  Sorry to hijack.  Well, just 1...

In my story Ursula was burned at the stake at the end mural.  Why?  I never even talked to her except for in group dialogs, and she didn't seem heretical.  That other guy w/ Smokey was also burned, and that makes more sense.  But why Ursula?

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I didn't get that either - I think it was just a coincidence. Maybe two crooks who meeting each other and look alike would make a joke out of it and team up? Adopt a cool bandit gang name about being twins?

I told Ursula stories and encouraged her to learn about the old tales, so it made sense to me that she was burned (😭). But if you barely spoke to her, that's odd.

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