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Love this game!!!

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Grounded just keeps getting better.


Here's a few suggestions...


1. A better glider. The dandelion tuff is great for tier 1 but an upgraded glider something akin to an actual glider would be fantastic.


2. I've seen several awesome suggestions for bugs. Butterflies, (for the glider wings?), grasshoppers, (bouncy shoes,anyone?),  Dragonflies (though I'm thinking more of a "Dragonrider thing"  than an enemy)


3. Speaking of shoes I still maintain that shoes and pants aren't the same thing, but aside from bouncy shoes having some kind of sticky shoes made from either ants or gum would be amazing. Not so sticky that you could walk up a wall necessarily but maybe you could climb some slightly steeper stuff than you can now. 

4. Also the broodmother gives you a helmet and the termite king gives you a chest plate. We need one more epic boss type that gives you some sort of epic pants/shoes. 

5. As I stated in another post and others have said, the ability of flying insects to swarm around like they do makes them an extra large pain so having the ability to "lock-on" to a target would help or if not that then some sort of spiked shield that would help kill them. 



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