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For Love of Grounded

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I've loved Grounded from the very beginning! It's a beautifully made made game that the developers have put much love into. There has been a wonderful feedback system set-up that has allowed feedback to help in pinpointing problems and making updates faster. We all looked forward to the release of the full game. I myself didn't want till release I purchased Grounded almost as soon as I noticed a price on it. A beautiful game it turned out to be. The final results was even more than I imagined it to be, the story line, the graphics, the bugs, the little hidden secrets to find...wonderful. Yes, there was still a few more "bugs" to fix, but no worries the community will help find them for you. Everything great right? Yes, until the developers who we thought of as friends turned against fun. Some fed them sour candy. Because they became takers of fun! If any streamer was having fun with anything in Grounded, made a tool, weapon, or armor that was powerful...they nerfed it. Who gets the blame? The streamers. Regular people that don't play games for a living never get the chance to know how much fun it might have been. It's ok to have over powered things in a game. If you say a game is finished, NO TAKE BACKS. If the "Hard guys" don't want to use them, they won't. Somewhere along the line this game stopped being about how much "fun", and became how much "work/pain". Stop taking the fun out of Grounded. Not sure if you've noticed or not but the community isn't really happy(judging by comments read). However I only speak for myself, a fan of the fun game of Grounded.

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On 10/25/2022 at 9:28 PM, whyrocha said:

Somewhere along the line this game stopped being about how much "fun", and became how much "work/pain".

The updates recently have gone a long way to reinforce the grind which is really all that is left once you've completed the story.

Great game, great story, lots of fun things to do until there isn't, and then there is just the grind.

I think there is so much potential for this game and really do hope the devs spend time fixing the bugs such as ant hoarding and the awful multiplayer networking experience (which has gotten better so fingers crossed)

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