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Was linked to post the suggestions on the forum, so will provide here, unsure if this is the right thread though. So am sorry if mistaken.


Decoration ideas:

  1. Ominent Mug (loot from labs)

  2. Bookshelf made from weed stems.

  3. Book cover - made with pupa leather, turned into a book when gathered paper from labs.

  4. Empty paper (loot from labs)You can write on the paper, forming your own book, cataloging your findings in the yard. Name the book, and place on the bookshelf to access later.

  5. Custom sign post, either written or drawn from in the game itself. Could use the same mechanic from the frankenline. Would be neat to have both options together, making welcome signs with drawn images.

  6. Plates/bowls - Made from either leather, or acorn shells. The cookery has cooking tools for details, yet we have nothing to eat on?

  7. Rugs made from lint rope.

  8. Jack-o-lantern, made from mushrooms

  9. Holiday stockings - made from lint rope, Christmas.

  10. Makeshift Christmas tree, perhaps made from sprigs, sap, lint rope, and clay? Just an idea.

  11. Fishing rod decoration, both hanged and tool to use. - made from weed stems, sprig and lint rope. In use because, I built a pier/docks in my world on the pond. It would've been nice.

  12. Ominent Trashcan - Looted from labs

  13. Research scanner, and Surveyor. - Taken from field stations.

  14. More head and stuffed insects, we have tons of new insects without any decorations for them.

  15. Bur storage crates, small box, about the size of a ramp clay.

  16. Bur/Pupa Leather barrels, able to store water, soda, etc inside. Smaller than those acorn water storages, may not contain as much, but would look nicer for the home.

  17. The light source of a headlamp but as a decoration, am aware that it uses glow goo, but why does the headlamp shine not only brighter, but more direct? I'd rather use that as a decoration, than having a dozen sap sconce everywhere trying to brighten up a corner, when 1 headlamp would shine half the room.

  18. Pupa leather small chair, instead of grass plank chairs.

  19. Black Widow stuffed decoration, even a spiderling.

  20. Tayz.T - broken on the ground as decoration. Maybe have some broken around the yard, and give us the option to repair them to become a defensive ally for our homes. Becomes a decoration, and will be positioned to defend where we place them. Can't have them follow, since someone will take advantage and create an army to overrun the yard. Another way you could do this, is by making the assistant manager a replayable boss that can be salvaged for parts.

  21. A music player. Some tapes found in the yard, were music. It wouldn't be surprising if some were shrunk.


  1. Small Water wheel to generate electricity.

  2. Elevator Pulley, the cost of silk rope, depends where the platform is located to connect for the length.

  3. Large storage crate, up to 60 items of storage. - Made from Bur wood, thistle needles, and sap.

  4. Paddle fishing Boat - Made from berry leather, silk rope, bur weed, and pinecone pieces. (Why a boat? I like boats.)

  5. Paint bucket - use to collect paint by the spilled paint cans, each paint bucket holds only 1 color, and 10 interaction/equips to the paint brush. After selecting that bucket 10 times, which is 50 brush strokes, you have to collect paint again by the paint can.


  1. Paint Brush - the paint bucket in your base, will contain a color you've collected. Interact with one bucket to select that color for the brush. Each interaction gives 5 strokes to paint 5 walls, or floors.

Buildings to be added:
Bur walls. We have floors, but why not walls? Stairs as well, stairs made with bur flooring?
We also need, half-half walls, a strip of a wall. Gives us more creative options.
We also need angled/ramp walls, instead of roofs.
Need more free control in placement, not just grid snapping. When you don't use grid snapping, everything falls through the floor, impossible to place it.
Location obstructed needs a rework, even if nothing is there, nothing, no walls, no decorations, nothing. Flat ground. Will say "Location Obstructed". Can't build.

Capture nets - made from spider silk and pebble
Loaded into a pebblet turret secondary fire, captures and stuns insects for a short amount of time, while you fire additional pebbles at it.
If it's a flying insect, the net will ground it.
I think this would've been better than a pollen turret.

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Storage is always an issue while travelling the map or storage box at home.  I cannot count the number of time when I came across something new to get and I had to drop other items to get that new one.  Double what we have now should be enough.

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