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Upgraded Zip Line/Fast Travel Function Suggestion

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Since there's a lot of talk on fast travel, I would like to suggest something that keeps in the spirit of the existing zip lines while making them more functional. Using materials such as the pinecone, gunpowder, gum nugget, and maybe a manta claw, a zip line cannon/launcher could be built. It could use the aiming function of the existing turrets, while following the placement rules of the zipline wall anchor. It could have an increased zoom or camera moves to where the anchor would be placed, perhaps like the third person camera, so it could be fine tuned across the map. The "ammo" would be either lint rope or silk rope, and the distance the anchor would be placed determines the amount needed.

The idea would be that the zipline launcher could launch a zipline for the player to ride (either up or down, depending on if that trinket is released where you can ride up ziplines) anywhere and not have to pre-build an end. The end anchor could be either released from the launcher itself or at the end. Logically it would make sense to only be able to release it from the end, like you would have to unhook it. But for QoL, it could just be video game fudged to be able to release it from the launcher, like if it was just stuck with gum, you could pull the rope.

Another thing could be be added would be if you release the zipline from the anchor end, you could zip back with it, like it's pulling you back to the launcher. This would be a way to fast travel back to the launcher if the player is unable to ride ziplines uphill. There could be different buttons to differentiate between release and release-and-ride, or just make the release a button press and release-and-ride a button hold.

The map is small enough with plentiful materials to build zipline anchors pretty much anywhere you want to already, but I think the Community would enjoy this option that keeps with the idea of building upon what you already learn in-game, and not making the fast travel seem too cheesy, like with the ES:Oblivion uproar of just teleportation fast travel or WoW flying mounts.


Thank you.

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