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Your end game is horrid.

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You put all this effort into the game just to absolutely murder your end game progression. What was this game supposed to be? Surivial? Building? Action? RPG? You did all this stuff but only put effort into certain parts and left the rest of your content in a pretty bad state.


The only non story encounter in your end game is 100% broken and can only be completed if you turn your graphics down to 1999 mode.

The last story "boss" is not a boss at all. Reminds me of the last "boss" in Bioshock 2.

There is quite literally no reason to build an actual base with strong walls and defenses unless you are purposely activating constant raids. Even the Wafter is just a gimmicky thing to use to see if you can kill a couple infected wolf spiders at the same time. You literally use more materials to summon a raid then what you get back for killing the creatures that show up.

Most end game armors are bugged and apply their damaging abilities to the player.

Staffs are basically useless unless you are soloing. There are almost no encounters where flinging balls of fire and lightning(so useless and debilitating for your entire team) around is a good thing when playing with other people.

Most of the dangerous encounters especially in the upper yard are easy to unintentionally cheese. I find myself purposely positioning myself in a way that allows what I'm fighting to not get stuck in terrain and even running up to let things hit me a couple times just so the fight isn't me just standing shooting something that can't move over a rock.

I realize you didn't intend for people to reach your end game so quickly. I personally hate building things, crafting, etc in games. I build and craft logically with purpose and that is it. I don't play games to collect ingredients and build a statue of an ant to look at in my base. I play games to win and succeed, to experience the story and the game world itself.


I stopped playing for the time being. Fix/finish your game. You had 2 years of PAID early access....

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