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What To Do With the Following Classes (Party Comp) (BPM + CP)

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So I'd like to do another playthrough but I am barring myself from Monk, Wizard, Cipher (maybe), Priest (maybe) and Barbarian. I used these 5 classes in my last playthrough and want something different for my next run. I say Maybe for Cipher and Priest but if their subclasses or different playstyles are different enough I'd be down for another go around the wheel with them, for instance a Magranite Priest or something. Regardless the remaining 6 classes of Chanter, Paladin, Rogue, Fighter, Druid and Ranger are left.

Not super sure what to do with these classes to construct a party though, I figure I'll need a tank of some sort, either tha Paladin or Fighter (Probably Paladin since Exhortations are nice) and that leaves the other 4 to fill in. For Druid I think the important stuff to take would be Plague of Insects, Aspect of Galawain and Form of the Delemgan. Plague of Insects I think will just win fights but you'd have to survive long enough for the slow degeneration to work. Aspect of Galawain and Form of the Delemgan help the party survive for that duration.

The rest I really am not sure about, haven't experimented with them much. Any reccomended builds or interactions that are fun/interesting synergies between these classes would be super helpful in planning this next run through out. 

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The obvious thoughts that jump to mind for me are:

Fighter/Rogue: Tank. Unbroken/Trickster is fun and has some cool synergies. Terrify enemies and then knock them down with Overbearing Guard. 

Chanter/Paladin: Obviously. Heralds are very good. Subclasses can be whatever. It should be strong regardless.

Druid: Any. I recently did a Shifter/Paladin which was actually a lot of fun. I would cast a few heals/buffs, then cast my aoe dots, and then shift and do lots of single target dps. Flames of Devotion is nice with a Shifter. Can use Ring of Focused Flame and be very accurate. Being able to shift also gives you access to excellent tankiness. Since you can't cast while shifted it's best to think of this character as having a casting phase and a dps/tanking phase. Don't go all in on either, but embrace the versatility and do both. Don't be afraid to shift out when needed to cast, or shift to get tankier etc. 

Ranger: Any. There are some cool things you can do with Whirling Strikes but Ranger also multiclasses well since any class likes to get more accuracy

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