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Cannot host Standard / Shared world from my Xbox Series X

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Hello there! I'm a big fan of Grounded and I would really like to play it with my friends, but since the release 0.1 released 2 years ago I have the same problem that prevents me to creare a lobby and host a game. If I try to create a standard or shared world, after several seconds I receive a popup that told me I can't create the lobby and I have to verify my network. My NAT is open, every connection test I made from the Xbox was ok. The problem is still here also with the release of Grounded 1.0 (Anyway Congratz). The strangest thing is that if I try to create a lobby from the cloud I can do it.

What I tryied:

  • ┬áReinstalled the game deleting the save files (but I think they are downloaded again from my profile when I start the game)
  • Veryfied and resetted the port forwarding (TO Xbox live and manually opened all the port from 3000 to 59999). I have a static IP on my Xbox.
  • Resetted and restored the settings on the router

What can I do to fix the problem? :(

Thank you so much.


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Hello everyone!

After a very long tryhard I solved my issue!

It seems that for some Internet Service Proveder (Wind3 in my case) the default DNS they use generate this conflict with Grounded Multiplayer.

If you are issuing my same problem, try with this:

From your console, go in network property > advanced option. Then go in DNS setting and setup DNS manually, using for example the google dns /

If your domestic network is composed by more than 1 router and you use the DNS settled in this way, you may sometime issue the "limited NAT" warning, but in my case I can still play the following multiplayers game very well: Deathloop, Sea of Thieves, fall guys, Halo infinite, Fifa 22.

Don't know if this is the generic solution but I hope it can Help someone.



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