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Hi folks. I could do with some suggestions for how to configure my party for the SSS and Forgotten Sanctum dlcs. I've done these DLCs before on an easier difficulty setting using the regular companions but this time want to take Ydwin, Konstanten and Fassina (to see their dialogue and barks). I am playing on PoTD upscaled, and finding it doable but rather difficult, and as I recall SSS and FS are pretty tough, so I want a solid party set up that works well, but struggling to think of a good combination that includes my main character, Ydwin, Konstanten and Fassina. For vanilla and Bow I used the following party: Paladin-Chanter (Main Character) + Fighter (Eder) + Druid (Tekahu) + Priest (Xoti or Vatnir) + Rogue-Cipher (Ydwin) (for BoW I replaced Tekahu with a Ranger-Druid so I could use Concussive Tranq on Neriscyrlas). For SSS and FS I'm thinking of filling the Druid spot with Fassina (Druid-Wizard), but I'm concerned that a multi-class caster/caster is not a good idea. What do you think, can Fasssina as Druid/Wizard (Sorcerer) work on PoTD upscaled? I'm also not sure what class to use for Konstanten and who to replace. Maybe remove Eder and configure Konstanten as a Barbarian-Chanter (Howler)? In summary, I could do with any suggestions for the party as long as it involves my Paladin-Chanter, Ydwin, Fassina and Konstanten. I haven't yet recruited Fassina and Konstanten so no class selection has been made for them yet (and I can use mod to reset the class selection for companions/sidekicks if necessary). Best wishes, Vas.

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SSS and FS were pretty easy for me with a SC Monk using dual mortars as main weapons.

It's rel. easy to clear mobs with this and still good against bosses if you switch to weapons that are better suited against boss foes.

You give the Monk AoE gear, Enduring Dance, Lightning Strikes and most importantly Resonant Touch and Whispers of the Wind. You enchant Hand Mortar with Blinding Smoke (it triggers Resonant Touch in addition to blunderbuss modal "Powder Burns" and the normal attack) and Fire in the Hole with Chain Shot. You wear Ajamuut's Stalking Cloak, Ring of the Marksman, Acina's Tricorn or Heaven's Cacophony, Aloth's Armor, Ring of Overseeing, Charm of Bones, Loki pet. Also use Turning Wheel (with CP mod) or keep it at Duality of Mortal Presence: INT (without CP mod).
In tough encounters use Avenging Storm from Heaven's Cacophony or use a scroll of Avenging Storm (needs investment in Arcana of course). 

Mirke could do the job although her INT is pretty low. Or an adventurer of course. 

What was als very useful against the though nuts as well as mobs was an Arcane Archer/Troubadour with Sure-Handed Ila + Aefyllath, maxed Arcana and Spearcaster (+modal) as main weapon against single foes and Watershaper's Focus against big mobs. Great ACC, great reloading speed, constant interrupting with the arbalest modal. Later you can use their Champion invocation + Brisk Recitation and an offensive chant such as Thick Grew Their Tonge and your pulsing imbue shots (Web + Eora) to mass-interrupt enemies on all crits from chant and shot. 


Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Am playing through it now serendipitously. For my current run I am using all single classes, CP mod and balance polish mod. My current party is Helwaker Monk (Watcher), Priest (Vatnir), Ascendant (Mercenary), Barbarian (Serafen) and Druid (Teheku). The last slot has changed a lot and is likely gonna change again tbh but so far its worked well. 

SC monk can just autopilot murder everything with like 0 investment. Super not reliant on gear as fists carry hard and they just autopilot murder everyone. My top Damage dealer so far even with greater gear investment into the Cipher. Doesn't synergise with anyone in the party like the other 4 characters tho but still works cause of how strong it is.

Priest is there for Salvation of Time and Barring Deaths Door. Salvation is meant to combo with Ascendant Cipher to extend the ascended state primarily but has other functions too.

Barbarian is our main tank. Prior I had Pallegina and Serafen but found Palegina didn't do much besides some inspirations and passive healing so replace her. The big question on the replacement was can Serafen do the tanking alone and the answer is sort of. In most fights, ye he can and its because of Barb HP and having high armor. The reason we want Barb to tank is because of Barbaric Retalliation, Body Blows and Willbreaker. Currently Serafen is rocking Blackened Plate Armor for -1 Armor for enemies, Willbreaker for -3 to -15 will malus on hit, Body Blows for -25 Fortitude on hit and Dazing Shout for AOE crush and Daze (-10 more Fort btw). Run him in, everyone groups up and starts critting him, he hits back and roars applying -35 fortitude, which because of Brute Force helps him hit with Willbreaker reducing Will. It can be hard to keep him alive but Barring Deaths Door can fix that from either the priest or Nemnoks Cloak to keep him alive. The damage is pretty pumping too, Serafen is my 2nd highest damage dealer.

Close in 3rd for damage is the Ascendant Cipher. Armed to the teeth in Harbinger Robes, Ring of Properous Fortune etc he is ready to blast damage with amplified wave. This is why we want Serafen applying that -35 fortitude. Once ascended, Time Parasite goes out (thanks Willbreaker for the will reductions) and Brilliant Inspirations start coming out. After everyone is Brilliant, Amplified Wave spam for full screen 100+ damage Crush nukes is the order of the day and its glorious. Even if the damage is lagging, the interruption from the prone is so nice and the Brilliant Inspiration really is essential. Shared Nightmare makes it so every AOE is gigantic and if you wanna get tricky with Mental Binding for mass immobilise that works awesome too. Cipher is super versatile, can sling Robust, Brilliant, +8 Pen and other crazy potent stuff, overall super strong, backbone of the party tbh. Of course the Cipher combos with priest for Brilliant into Salvation of time for looping buff durations.

I wasn't really sure what to do with slot 5, prior I had a rogue that was OK but the damage was lower than everyone else and they didn't bring anything unique. Ended up bringing a Druid since I heard that casters were good SC and make good use of Briliant too. Teheku is appealing as all his spells are Foe Only allowing Serafen to stand in Chill Fog without getting blinded and maximising its effect chance with the -35 Fort. It's OK either requires some tuning or he might get switched for somene else.


I highly reccomend this Barb setup for konstanten and probably go single class on Fassina because druid spells at low level aren't that amazing it seems. Ydwen will pump as rogue cipher or even just cipher. Highly reccomend a Priest to pull you out of a tight spot too.

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