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What’s up with the shared world?

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This is getting kind of ridiculous. Almost a whole day is a little too long for maintenance. Haven’t really seen any info on this. It there is an update but it is only in one spot on the internet that is also not a good thing. More communication needs to be made especially since they are releasing in a month. 

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I'm right there with you, I and some friends had spent a long time just on a world that one of us created. To have the shared worlds come was an awesome update but now we are left without the ability to play it. Personally I didn't suffer any bugs but maybe there was many complaints from others 

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Ok, I thought I just posted, but had to create an account to post and forgot after I typed it all up, so here goes again.

If you have hit continue on both single player and multiplayer and cannot find your shared world save, I may have a solution. I think that this is somehow some work around to make the game look for the save currently, though I am not exactly sure. This is how I found my shared world saves if it does not show them on either multiplayer OR singleplayer :(mine first shared world save that had another player online with me at the time, somehow showed in singleplayer list..but let me add friend to shared world list, afterwards it was no longer visible in singleplayer). Goto host online multiplayer shared world. Hit create NEW. Once you are at the character, click any character (mine was pete). DO NOT CREATE a game. Simply after clicking your character, back out of the character screen and leave the lobby. Close the game.
Restart the game,  and go back to host online multiplayer shared world, hit continue and if you've got the same luck as me, you should see your saved shared world. It's worked for me yesterday and today to get the save back. Not really sure if this just a me thing or what tbh.

Take it easy,


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The same thing happens to me, it is worth mentioning that sometimes it appears to me, (after trying for 30 minutes as the friend said before) however, most of the time or earlier versions of the world appear, very earlier, or simply when you think you can enter, it goes and puts you in a game totally of 0

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