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Biomes and Creatures V2

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I made a list similar to this one about a year and a half ago but with the full release of the game just around the corner I decided to try revamping the list, adding new ideas, scrapping older ones etc. most of these ideas are my own, a few are other peoples that I haven’t seen suggested much so I threw them down. Overall I love grounded and can’t wait for the full release to come out which is why I’m tossing these ideas in the ring and hopefully a few of them make it in. If you make it to the end of the list then congrats it’s a long one

Biomes and Landmarks

• Air Conditioner - A hazardous biome filled with loose wiring and coolant leaks.

• Bee Hive - I’m positive this one will get added into the game, a bee hive full of bees, honey and beeswax. Honey can be used in making sticky traps and the beeswax in making candles.

• Bird House - A small birdhouse with a nest inside, home of the Robin and a great way to get a hold of broken eggshells, when the Robin leaves of course

• Blanket or Pillow - Same as before, a folded blanket or pillow with a nest of bed bugs inhabiting it, also allows the player to harvest fabric for use in making flags

• Charcoal Hot Springs - I think there should be more than just one of these scattered around, on that note I’d love to see the BBQ Spill get expanded a bit more cuz I feel it’s a tad too small

• Cooler - A cold biome filled with frozen food and harvestable ice chunks that can be used for crafting a makeshift fridge or icebox. Adds a new freezing effect similar to sizzling only way to combat this is by wearing warm fur or fuzz clothing

• Drain Gutter - Highest vantage point in the yard, requires a bit of maneuvering to get up to but is a hotspot for various flying insects

• Earthworm Tunnels - A labyrinth of underground tunnels inhabited by earthworms and grubs

• Flower Garden - A large forest of assorted flowers and herbs, many of which are useful in creating consumables such as bug repellent or healing powder. The area however is extremely dangerous and filled with ambush predators

• Flytrap Grove - An area of the flower garden filled with Venus flytraps, insect parts litter the floor making it a valuable spot to collect them

• Oak Heights - The upper branches of the oak tree, only way to get up there is by using the bark beetle tunnels inside. To access the tunnels enter the hollow base of the tree and find a large wood chunk, then bratburst it and find your way through the tunnels until entering an open hollow section of the tree that leads to various other areas of interest around the tree

• Sand Castle - Honestly the sandbox is an awesome biome idea but aside from Antlions it doesn’t have much else of interest, so my proposal is to add an array of tunnels into and under the sand castle loaded with scorpions and loot, on that note I also think the cactus’s should be harvestable as a new food source or maybe for the prickles

• Trashed Computer - The computer in the trash heap would make an excellent place to gather electrical parts and stuff useful for making electricity based builds

• Wasp Hive - A small dungeon located underground, contains plenty of loot caches and hordes of angry wasps

• Waterfall - A small waterfall pouring from the upper pond into the larger one below, has a potential secret behind it


• Assassin Bug - An aggressive bug that ambushes the player in the flower garden, drops an assassin bug beak and bug parts

• Bagworm - Found in a few locations across the yard bagworms are completely inert and can’t fight back, when killed they’ll drop bagworm shell parts that can be rebuilt into a bagworm shell decoration

• Bark Beetle - Sole inhabitants of the bark beetle tunnels these aggressive insects will defend there home from any intruders and possess a similar dust attack as the termites

• Bed Bug - Extremely aggressive insects found on and in the blanket/pillow biome

• Caterpillar - Found in the hedge and flower garden they drop web fiber and meat when killed

• Centipede - Extremely aggressive insects found in the Undershed, when killed they drop centipede scales for crafting armor, centipede mandibles and paralysis venom that can be made into paralyzing arrows

• Cicada - A rare spawn of the upper yard when attacked they’ll release a sonic wave with serious knock back damage, when killed they’ll drop a cicada head that could potentially be crafted into something to create a similar sound wave attack for the player and bug parts

• Cocoon - Passive creatures found in the hedge they drop web fiber when killed

• Cricket - Small obnoxiously loud insects found around the yard, there most active at night and drop meat and cricket legs

• Daddy Longlegs - An aggressive towering creature that attacks with its long legs and hard to hit body

• Dragonfly - Large insects that actively fly around the yard, will relentlessly attack any mosquitoes they come across. When killed they drop dragonfly wings, dragonfly parts and eye lens that can be crafted into aero goggles

• Dragonfly Nymph - Attached to cattails at the bottom of the pond they’ll attack anything that gets too close

• Dung Beetle - Neutral insects found in the upper yard they carry around dung chunks that make a useful and more powerful fertilizer

• Earth Worm - Located in the earthworm tunnels these passive worms don’t do much other then wriggle around, they appear more actively around the yard after it rains and drop meat and worm sludge when killed

• Earwig - Aggressive insects primarily inhabiting the Undershed, have a powerful pincer strike attack and when killed drops earwig pincers and earwig parts

• Flea - Found all over the yard in swarms they’ll relentlessly attack the player with there high speed jumping attacks

• Frog - Spawning most often in the upper pond and occasionally in the lower pond these amphibians have a powerful jumping attack and long range tongue attack, when killed they drop frog mucous and frog legs useful for making web flops that boost the players speed underwater. It should be noted that wolf spiders are as big as a number of smaller frogs so I don’t think adding them in as a tough enemy would break any kind of unrealistic size limitations for the game

• Froghopper - Small passive spittlebugs found around the yard most often in the grasslands, when attacked they live up to there namesake and spew out a small spittle barrier that gives them enough time to escape, drops meat and spittle residue when killed

• Gecko - An occasional visitor of the yard these lizards will hunt any insects they can find and drop lizard scales that can be crafted into lizard scale armor

• Grasshopper - Large aggressive insects located in the upper yard they have a jumping slam attack that can cause serious damage to the player, when killed they drop grasshopper legs that can be made into a jump boosting leg piece

• Hummingbird - Birds that are just small enough to be killed by the player, hummingbirds will hang around flowers and can be tamed and rode on using nectar slurry. They need to be fed a lot of nectar or else they’ll return to the wild. When killed they drop hummingbird feathers and a hummingbird beak that can be crafted into a powerful rapier

• Hydra - Aggressive stationary enemies that spawn at the bottom of the upper pond, when the player gets too close they’ll fire poison barbs at them. When killed they drop there poison barbs that can be crafted into harpoon arrows

• Jumping Spider - Small inquisitive spiders that will follow the player around once noticed, they’ll actively try to steal items from the players inventory and will grab any items the player drops

• June Bug - One of only two insects found in the cooler these furry beetles actively hunt the springtails located there

• Lacewing - Aggressive creatures found in the upper yard they’ll dive bomb enemies they come across, they drop lacewing wings and bug parts

• Leafbug - Neutral insects that camouflage themselves in the flower garden, can be killed for leafbug parts useful for making a stealth boosting armor set

• Leech - They spawn in the upper pond and attach themselves to anything they can, when killed they’ll drop leech blood useful for making an advanced blood pack and leech suckers

• Longhorn Beetle - Found high up in the oak heights these beetles are extremely territorial and will drop longhorn shells and longhorn heads

• Mealybug - Passive insects that attach themselves to grass and other plants, they can be farmed for honeydew

• Millipede - A small neutral variant of the centipede found around the yard, when killed drops meat and millipede shell

• Moth - An inhabitant of the oak tree that’s mostly active at night, they gravitate towards light sources (including the players and fireflies), when attacked they’ll release a moth mist cloud that acts as a smokescreen. When killed they’ll drop moth spores that can be made into a tier 2 shinobi sneeze and moth wings

• Queen Bee - Similar to the termite king, the queen is a pseudo boss that lives deep within the bee hive and can summon bee larvae to attack the player

• Rhino Beetle - A new boss called the Charging Titan, has a ground slam and power charge attack that both cause shockwaves, when defeated it’ll drop the Charging Titans horn and carapace that can be made into a new shield and war hammer that both create similar small scale shockwaves to any enemy they hit

• Roach - Large and dangerous roachs encountered near the trash heap, they’ll attack anything that gets near there food. When killed drops a roach head, and roach parts that can be turned into roach armor

• Robin - The sole inhabitant of the birdhouse, the Robin will occasionally leave to go hunt for insects (or the player) in various locations in the yard

• Rove Beetle - These insects are located in the upper yard and when killed will release a dangerous area of effect toxin attack that poisons the player

• Scorpion - Extremely aggressive and dangerous creatures found in the sandbox, when killed they drop scorpion claws useful for making a scorpion gauntlet weapon, a scorpion stinger and bug parts

• Silverfish - Small skittish insects that spawn in the Undershed, drops meat and feelers

• Slug - Shell-less variant of the snail that spawns in the flower garden

• Snail - Slow moving spider sized inhabitants of the yard these guys will leave behind a harvestable slime trail for the player to collect, when attacked they’ll curl up into there shell and become almost impervious to attacks however they can be easily killed with salt weapons before they have a chance to curl up. When killed drops snail slime and snail shell chunks

• Spiny Caterpillar - An aggressive variant of the caterpillar that will attempt to stab the player with its poison barbs, when killed drops said barbs, web fiber and caterpillar meat

• Springtail - Passive little bugs found around the yard and one of only two insects that spawn naturally in the cooler, drops meat when killed

• Squirrel - An occasional visitor to the oak heights, has a tendency to attack anything that gets too close to its acorn stash. Will leave behind fur tufts useful for making fur clothing

• Stag Beetle - Large territorial insects that can be found deep in the upper yard, when aggravated they’ll grab you with there massive pincers and attempt to crush you, when killed drops stag beetle pincers and bug parts

• Stick Bug - Located in the hedge biome these aggressive insects will camouflage perfectly with the many branches of the hedge, they’ll only attack if the player walks directly in front of them or across them

• Tarantula Hawk - A new boss known as the Sky Reaper, similar to the broodmother it summons wasps during its boss battle and has both sting and dive bomb attacks. When defeated it drops the sky reapers stinger and wings useful for making a new glider and spear

• Tardigrade - Small weevil sized water bugs that spawn in the flooded zones and pond, naturally hunted by water fleas and drops meat when killed

• Thornbug - Small passive creatures that spend there time hanging on plants and branches in the hedge and flower garden

• Tiger Beetle - Fastest bug in the game these highly aggressive beetles will attack the player relentlessly once spotted, when killed drops tiger beetle shell useful for crafting speed increasing armor and bug parts

• Venus Flytrap - Only found in the flytrap grove these aggressive plants will attack anything that moves near there stem (taking a few liberties with this one)

• Wasp - Extremely territorial insects located in and around the wasp hive, when killed drops a stinger useful for crafting a tier 3 spear and wasp parts

• Water Strider - Water skimming insects that spawn in both the upper and lower ponds, drops strider legs when killed

• Whitefly - Small moth like insects that spawn all around the yard, drops meat and fuzz


• Amethyst - A gemstone that can be crafted into a crystal decoration and a crystal gem mace

• Fabric - As mentioned earlier useful for crafting a flag that can be decorated in a variety of ways

• Glass Shard - Used for crafting a spyglass and a new mirror structure that the player can decorate there base with

• Ice Chunk - As said before harvested from large ice cubes and can be crafted into a fridge useful for storing meat and other food to prevent spoiling

• Moss - A new harvestable resource moss can be crafted into a moss carpet as well as replacing the clover leafs in the bed recipe

• Sour Candy Chunk - A new element for use by the player, harvested from sour candy nodes, I feel that four elemental types would round things out nicely not to mention you can’t have minty and spicy candies without a sour candy just doesn’t feel right. While on the topic I think we should get a full in game explanation for what the element damages actually do in lore to enemies I know that the minty and spicy are supposed to be ice and fire respectively but what about salty (and if it gets added sour).

Structures and Items

• Acid Burst - Made from a boiling gland this explosive has the same A.O.E and deals the same acidic damage bombardier beetle blasts do

• Archery Target - A simple target to practice your aim

• Bench - A simple seat to add variety

• Bridges - Once again mostly aesthetic in nature but a simple rope and plank bridge would be an interesting and useful structure to attach between gaps

• Chandelier - A new overhanging light source that can be made from sap, slime mold, or the new beeswax candles

• Clay Pot - A clay pot that can be decorated and used as a storage module

• Compass - Simple way of figuring out where you are and where you need to go

• Couch - A simple aesthetic seat

• Fireplace - Simple pebblet fireplace to give your home a cozy feel

• Flare Launcher - A small makeshift flare gun useful for two things, signalling other players and distracting enemies

• Gas Trap - A Stinkbug gas trap that gasses whatever triggers it

• Grub Leather - A tier 1 leather to balance out the three no real reason other then it bugs me that it’s not a thing already

• Map - Placeable backyard map for your base

• Pebblet Fence - A fence made out of pebblets pretty self explanatory

• Quiver - An equippable arrow quiver that makes it easier to store arrows in your inventory

• Rope Ladder - A ladder variant that can be hung down from platforms

• Shelves - A useful storage method that can also show off the players resources for a bit more of an aesthetic feel

• Tripwire Alarm - An alarm system to notify the player if a potential enemy triggered it

• Weapon Rack - An easy way to store weapons, a small buildable shelf that holds up to three weapons for quick access

• Web Trap - A simple trap useful for catching small creatures

One Final Critique

Tough Rocks and Style Rocks - I’m honestly not very happy with the introduction of the tough and style rocks, don’t get me wrong the new upgrade system is far easier to use but they take me out of the immersion of the game, of course there’s unrealistic aspects of the game such as the raw science and milk molars but the crafting and resources all felt pretty grounded and semi realistic up until now, I don’t quite get why these two magic rocks needed to be added that can miraculously upgrade armor and weapons, crafting them is even more confusing since there made with sap and bug parts it doesn’t make much sense in universe. I would’ve personally rather had the leather plates and quartzite just with added tweaks to the upgrade system so that it’s easier to use.

These are most of the ideas I could come up with, thanks for making it this far down and I’m hoping many of these will get added in either the full release or subsequent updates, this game has been a lot of fun to watch slowly progress and I can’t thank the creators enough for actually interacting and listening to the fanbases suggestions and ideas for this game, it’s something that a lot more games should take note of for their development and it’s greatly appreciated by people like me who love to feel like they had a part in shaping the game.

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Honestly, some things on this list are brilliant. And it's a bit disheartening that instead of some of these great creature ideas, we just got the same insects but retextured in both of the last 2 updates....

Water Fleas, Ladybugs, Orb Weevers, Stinkbugs, Mosquitoes, Mites, Roly Poly... All creatures we've had since the pond, but were added as "New content" in their new variants in both major upper yard updates. Boo.

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