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How do you all feel about console mods?

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As it is purely respectful I refuse to mod my game before beating the story and collecting all launch based equipment and so forth. 


BUT! I would like to add some mods later down the road, and mod.io is a great place to access console curated mods. Space engineers and a few others do this.


I'd love to add rain. Yes I know how deadly it would be that's the point. To dodge and flee along side the creatures. This would be the only time you could relax with a wolf spider without being on a "custom" game mode. 


Alternative or a custom character. Ever since I saw Rick Moranis in Honey I shrunk... ; Ive had moments of imagining myself shrunk down and surviving the back yard. The kids are super cool, and I love Thier phrases, but I custom guy would be cool too!



The tree elves: only coming out after you beat the Spider, Termite, and the praying mantis, the tree elves reveal themselves to you and their stores. You're a mighty hero to them felling such great beasts! And the worthiest of heros can aquire the tree top home, with a Zipline that carries you to the hedge, sandbox and bike respectfully.


These are just a few possibilities of mods, that could expand the game. If you could mod grounded on console how and what would you guys do? Do you think it has a place at some point in the future?



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