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[Class Build] "I'm A Necromancer" Loremaster (Troubadour/Blood Mage)

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Every class build I have presented so far was a melee type so I wanted to do the opposite this time.

This is a one man army of the dead and rotting, poison, corrosive, and death magic. Enjoy either sitting back and letting your army deal with the soon to be also undead, or fling about your UNLIMITED POWAH, laying waste to all those around you. Lots of grimoires cover almost every spell you need, with only a couple picks needed.
How’s it play? Send in your army of skeletons, maybe summon up some more and/or send in your ghostly ancient weapons to hold back a big monster long enough to drop the appropriate damage type on it. Charm of bones is a great summon tool (if you don’t mind some cheese import a character with one so you can have a second for recharging).

Game Version: 5.0

Difficulty: PotD (+all Upscale, no mods & CP)
Solo: Not tested

Race: Pale Elf
Class: Loremaster (Troubadour/Blood Mage)
Home: White that wends
Background: pick one

Starting Stats (includes BB):

Mig:   8 (10)
Con:  8 (10)
Dex:  19 (Elf) (21)
Per:   20 (Elf+home) (22)
Int:     18 (20)
Res:   5 (7)

Skills: Arcana / Metaphysics


1. Spirit Shield/If their bones/Soft winds
2. Missiles
3. And Hel-Hyraf
4. At the sound/Infuse vital essence
5. White worms
6. Necrotic Lance
7. Ancient Brittle/Combat focus
8. Shield that Cracks
9. Ancient memory
10. And their fear/spell shaping
11. Spirit of decay
12. Their putrid Stench
13. Rapid casting/Far casting
14. Reny Deret’s
15. Ben fidal’s
16. Quick summoning/secrets of the rime
17. Pull of eora
18. Tough
19. Many Lives/Wall of draining
20. Ancient instruments

Weapon slots:
Main weapon: Effort
Back up weapons: Blightheart (bound to chanter), Chroma staff


Mask of grotto Deep
Shroud of the phantasm
Charm of Bones
Effigy’s husk
Fire thrower’s gloves
Ring of overseer
Kuaru’s prize
Vithral Slippers
Trollhide belt
Animancy cat

Ninaguath’s teachings
Iron clasped

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