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[Class Build] The Huanaest Huana, Ravager (Berserker/Hellwalker)

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Well Folks it's been a long time since I added a build so here's one I was messing around with last night when I decided, "What the hell let's play deadfire again, it's been a while". I wanted to really play around with DLC and try to make something out of them.  The style drove the build, but it is a fun one.

I asked: "How Huana can you go?" Well this is how much. Hit hard and very fast. Make the most out of that blood thirst with high run speed and 3 ways to jump around. You can easily go Fury Shaper instead of Berserker, but make sure to pick tenacious on the monk line if you do. (Slayer’s claw upgrades tenacious to energized). You may want a source of Concentration; either a party member or potions.


Game Version: 5.0

Difficulty: PotD (+all Upscale, no mods & CP)
Solo: Not tested

Race: Island Aumaua
Class: Ravager (Berserker/Hellwalker)
Home: Deadfire
Background: Noble

Starting Stats (includes BB):

Mig:   10 (inc racial) (12)
Con:  11 (13)
Dex:  19 (incl Home) (21)
Per:   18 (20)
Int:     10 (12)
Res:   10 (12)

Skills: All athletics/ All history (unless you change out cloak)


1. Frenzy
2. Fast Runner
3. Blooded (may want to swap this out later if you find you aren’t getting into the status often.)
4. Thick skin/Two weapon
5. Barbaric Yell
6. Long Stride
7. Blood Lust (while leveling; once you hit 19, re-spec to Bloody Slaughter)/Swift Flurry
8. One Stands Alone
9. Bull’s Will
10. Spirit Frenzy/Duality o’ MP
11.  Barbaric Shout
12. Torment’s reach
13. Interrupting Blows/Enervating Blows
14. Leap
15. Raised Torment
16. Brute Force/Turning Wheel
17. Savage Defiance
18. Bear’s fortitude
19. Blood Thirst/Heartbeat drumming
20. Flagellant’s Path

Weapon slots:

Kapana Taga
Slayer’s Claw


Champion Helm
Giftbearer’s cloth
Necklace of the Harvest Moon
Contender’s armor (Heavy Mobility)
Gate Crashers
Ring of Greater Regen
Rakhan Field Boots
Ngati’s Girdle
Abraham the doggy

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