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New Wish List Before Launch (Fixes)

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1. Fix things falling through terrain/building surfaces etc. Noticed in the 0.14 test update that players will no longer be able to pick up objects through floor boards etc. (You know...that small edge of weed stem that just hangs there in the floor or wall?) Ever try to recycle anything and NOT have them disappear through surfaces? If you can't fix this, then let us continue to retrieve what we can.  

2. Consistent Pollen Drop. All those pesky, whiney bees putting their nose in all your business and not doing their job. There are four Dandelions across the pond between the net and the hollow log that never drop no more than one speck of pollen in weeks. Why? Lazy bees. Several Dandelions live happily near the bird bath.....but only one lone bee visits them when it takes a mind to. Busy as a Bee? Not likely. Please.....spread the critters out and put them to work. And let the pollen collect on the ground and not disappear within a reasonable amount of time. I would suggest at least three pollen drop daily if and when a player is working/living nearby. (Even nicer, let us come across an unexpected pile while exploring. )

3. Honeydew. Across the pond, honeydew drops at regular intervals and consistent amounts. And no where else. They use to fall under the beehive and under the other flowers that grow near the wooden posts. The Beehive has been removed and the other flower beds do not drop honeydew anymore. I would suggest real honey droplets near the picnic table and more honeydew dropping in the flower gardens again. This should be an easy fix. And honey would be a cool feature. Perhaps a honeycomb fallen near the Oak Tree with wax and honey as a resource? (Would it be too Wicked to imagine a Wolf Spider stuck in a pool of honey with not way out?)

4. Gnats. They fall and disappear into the ground. Taking your arrow with them. If they fall into water....good luck finding the body. Talk about camouflage. Players can see multiple peblets and cut dried grass glowing in the dark like a field of stars, but one fuzzy round gnat in a shallow pool of water is lost forever in a blink of an eye. Can we please put a bit of glitz on the critter. Same with brown bags of feathers. And, I would love to at least get my arrow back. Thanks

5. Building restrictions. There has never been a manual on how to build in Grounded. It's all trial and error. And every update has incorporated another group of restrictions to compound the difficulty of understanding why some simple process of just placing a door to finish off a build can turned into a three hour endurance marathon of frustration. Why? Just let us build. Nothing more. Nothing less. A simple request. So....we want to get creative and place a half curved stem/grass floor in a corner to make a shelf....let us. So it sticks through a bit. If it doesn't bother us, why should anyone care. And if some surface or invisible 'thing' just barely brushes into the obstruction zone of our door placement, give us an option to bypass the restriction. After all, some surfaces just ignored the entire process and lets half a gate pass through it without a single whimper. 

6. Ziplines. Somehow, sense the last update, the distant white outline of available ziplines have disappeared. And the "available or obstructed" box is either covering the zipline you are aiming for or dropped so low beneath the 'invisible' outline that it is next to impossible to see which one you're aiming at.  Another fix is needed. One suggestion is to be able to zoom in closer when placing the line. Close enough to notice which zipline is available and facing you for a safe landing,  especially where multiple zipline are arranged in close proximity to each other or on different levels. This would be a great improvement. 

That's all I can think of at the moment. What are your "please fix-it" request. Feel free to add them here. Still loving the game and grateful for all the Dev's hard work. My "Love Grounded because list" is far longer than this small "please help us" list. Have fun! 😉


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