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Wolf Spider Killing me day 2 everytime

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Hello! My name is Felicity and i just got the game, i have stared 3 differnt worlds, 1 on medium and the rest on mild. And every time a wolf spider will find me and kill me in the beginning of day 2. I dont have enough time to even find the main base before a spider kills me. I really wanna play this game but i feel like i cant do anything before the wolf spider kills me. :< 

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They do hunt at night and will track you from quite a distance, but I've never seen one near the starting area (baseball, first field lab, strange machine etc) are you staying near the start area? Also dying shouldn't be much of an issue, you'll respawn then just need to run over and pick up your backpack, unless it's lurking in the area, it should wander off eventually though.

Did a quick google search and found that there was an issue with them wandering about during the day, but that was patched out a while ago, are you playing the most up to date version?

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