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Multiplayer Desync Issues

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Please fix the game! Multiplayer is broken right now, clients can't interact with pretty much anything once this desync occurs. This results in rubber banding, lag, disconnects, and glitches like your base breaking into a million pieces! Please fix this! We love Grounded but lately the multiplayer is so bad it's almost unplayable. We love Grounded and want to see it thrive, but it's too frustrating for anyone who isn't the host to craft inside bases, or do much of anything really! Client side players only seem to be affected. Please look into this! This game is at it's best as a multiplayer experience and multiplayer needs to work properly! This seems to be occurring after this last patch or the patch before that. We've been playing since the first early access launch and have never had these desync issues until recently. 

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I agree and have been experiencing the same things. In my post "Multiplayer Feedback" I stated similar issues.  This game screams for Co-op. Yet Co-op is so buggy/laggy/full of desync & broken.  It makes this game so frustrating.

My post is here 


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