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Some Kind Of Update Idea

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I don't know if this is where i put this, but I'm putting it here anyways. If I find somewhere to put it, I'll move it.

Where do I even start with this? I'll just paste what I have written down.

The Fly Or Die Update

Butterflies and Moths to spice up the sky. But new, killable bugs, brings payback and maybe a bit of death.
Adds Butterfly Wing Pack, Moth Wing Pack, and Firefly Wing Pack, which are all gliders. You need 2 Butterfly wings, 1 Sprig, and 2 Crude Rope for the Butterfly Wings glider. You need 2 Moth Wings, 1 Sprig, and 2 Lint Rope for the Moth Wings glider. You need 2 Iridescent Wings, 1 Sprig, and 2 Silk Rope for the Firefly Wings glider. These all allow air gliding but at higher speeds than a dandelion tuft. They take the place as a chestpiece, and only get damaged if the player gets damaged. Crashing into things makes you take damage. A hard landing makes you take damage, since it is technically crashing into things, but instead of a wall or anything else, it's the floor. The faster you go, the more damage you’ll take, when hitting something. To slow down, hold LT or ctrl so you are ensured a soft landing. Landing on a bounce web reduces damage, but still does damage. Same thing with spider webs, just not as much damage reduction. It shows your speed in the bottom right corner, on the right of the player vitals (Energy, Health, Thirst, Hunger). You take damage at 20 mph (meters per hour) and faster.

Adds saddles so you can ride the following bugs: Ladybugs, Roly Polys, Sickly Roly Polys, Monarch Butterflies, Swallowtail Butterflies, Pea**** Butterflies, Luna Moths, Oak Moths, Bees, Fireflies, and Water Boatmen.

Saddles work in a variety of ways. First off, there are 3 types of saddles. Air Saddles, Water Saddles, and Saddles. The air saddles attach to bees, fireflies, butterflies, and moths, making for good air transportation, and the fastest form of travel. Water saddles attach to boatmen, for good water transportation, and the second slowest form of travel (sprinting is the slowest). When riding a Water Boatman, the insect raises you to the surface, keeping itself under the surface of the pond. The land saddles attach to all of the neutral bugs except for the ants, for good land transportation, and the second fastest form of travel. Sickly Roly Polys go slower than everything else, since they, as shown in the description, are a bit defective, because of their spawn environment.

All saddles are made with 4 Sap for an adhesive to keep the handle in place and to keep the straps connected to the main saddle piece, 4 Silk Rope that attaches to the sap under the saddle, and get tied at the bottom to keep it on insects, 3 Quartzite for the handle, which attaches to the sap on the front of the main saddle piece, and Pupa Leather for the main part. The amount of Pupa Leather per saddle is different for each variation. The Water Saddle uses 5, the Land Saddle uses 7 leather, and the Air Saddle uses 8 leather. The Land Saddle is different with the Quartzite amount, using 5 Quartzite, for a wider handle. The Land Saddles and the Air Saddles can have up to 2 players riding, but it slows the bug down by a little but not a lot.

Putting a saddle on an insect tames it, allowing for an expanded list of pet options. No tameable pets can attack during battle, except for the Roly Poly, the Ladybug, the Butterfly types, the Moth types, and the Firefly. When the bugs are tamed, they will get scared at the sight of the assistant manager, termite king, and broodmother and will leave you if you start fighting the bosses, but only if they're near the bosses.

Butterfly Appearances: Butterflies have multiple appearances. Monarch, Swallowtail, and Pea****. Butterfly Caterpillars are commonly in the leaves of the hedge zones and scattered in other areas as well. Butterfly Caterpillars are rare in other non-hedge places.

Butterfly Remains: Butterfly abdomen, Butterfly wing, Butterfly head.

Butterfly Remains Uses: Abdomen makes armor for the chest and legs and the stuffed butterfly variations. The head makes a helmet, the head mount variations, and the stuffed butterfly variations. The wings make a glider when partnered with silk rope and sprig and the stuffed variations. The materials needed for the stuffed butterflies are as follows. The stuffed Monarch is made with 10 Gnat Fuzz, 1 Butterfly Abdomen, 2 Butterfly Wings, and 1 Butterfly head. The other stuffed butterflies are the same but swallowtails have mite fuzz, and pea****s have bee fuzz. The head mounts are 2 Acorn Shells and 1 Butterfly head for each one

Butterfly Remains Building Uses: Floor Traps are made out of 5 Butterfly Wings and a Weed Stem. They can only be built when there is half a wall of air underneath the place you want it built. When you stand on it, the wings crumble, before completely crumbling, sending the victim down. The only way to get the crumbled pieces back to reset the trap is by using a repair tool on the build. The wings crumble after one second of standing on them. Wing Rugs are decorational rugs made with 6 Butterfly Wings and 10 of a new material called thread. Thread is made when you put lint rope through a spinning wheel.

Location: Butterflies travel around the map, but are mainly found in the hedges and the flower bed.

Aggressiveness: Butterflies are peaceful until provoked like ladybugs (making them neutral). Butterfly larvae can try to kill you but do very little damage and are very slow to move. They will not walk off leaves usually but will sometimes. Butterfly pupae are found under and on top of hedge leaves and flower leaves. Caterpillars typically are near pupae. If there’s a pupa, there’s a caterpillar. If there’s a caterpillar, there’s a pupa. Pupae have twice as much health as a butterfly, but can not attack. Since butterflies are neutral, you can make a butterfly saddle for a butterfly mount to ride around the yard. This is good because they have good speed. Better speed than the other options. However, one option is faster than this. This insect is actually the next topic.

Moth Appearances: Luna moth, Oak moth, and Hawk moth. Moth caterpillars are in the moth spawn zones. Moth pupae look a lot like butterfly pupae (brown), but a darker shade than the butterfly pupae instead.

Moth Remains: Moth head, Moth Abdomen, Moth wings.

Moth Remains Uses: The moth head makes a Luna moth head mount, Oak moth head mount, and Hawk moth head mount, along with the stuffed Luna moth, the stuffed Oak moth, and the stuffed Hawk moth. All of the stuffed moths are made out of 10 Bee Fuzz, 2 Moth Abdomens, 2 Moth Wings, and 1 Moth Head. Head mounts are made out of 2 Acorn Shells, And 1 Moth Head. The moth abdomen makes the stuffed moths. The moth wings make a stronger glider when partnered with lint rope and sprig. The exact material count is 2 Moth Wings, 2 Sprigs, And 3 Lint Rope. Wings also help to make Stuffed Moth.

Locations: Luna moths spawn in the hedges. Hawk moths are found around the world in all places, but slightly more frequently found near flowers. Oak moths are only found at the oak tree, feeding on the leaves of the higher branches. All moths go to nearby lights during night time, like the gnats (This makes killing Oak Moths easier, if you can reach them).

Moth Peacefulness: Moths are all very different. Hawk Moths are like any other aggressive bug, attacking you on sight. Oak moths are like butterflies, and only attack when provoked. This makes them tameable. Luna moths are usually peaceful. Usually. If you hit them 1-3 times, they will get pissed off and start fighting back, thinking you’re a threat. Since they are neutral bugs, they are tameable. Moths, when tamed, are a lot better than butterflies in speed and health. They actually do this regardless of if they’re tamed or not. This makes them the best mount

Update adds Stuffed Spiderling, Stuffed Orb Weaver Junior, Stuffed Orb Weaver, Stuffed Wolf Spider, Stuffed Infected Wolf Spider, Stuffed Broodmother, Broodmother Head Mount, and Infected Wolf Spider Head Mount

Extra Information
If you hatch an ant egg in a zone surrounded by fences, walls, or both, it will not kill anything, as long as you feed it. I'm saying it's a new pet. If it's a Soldier Ant, it is like any other soldier ant, but neutral instead of aggressive. The Soldier Ant is not tame, and will act like a Worker Ant, but the size and shape of a soldier. Killing a neutral Soldier Ant or a tamed Worker Ant acts as if you killed a normal soldier or worker

I hope, at the very least, you took the time to read this. This update would be enjoyed by, not just my friends and me, but probably the other players. Thank you for reading. I wouldn't be able to thank you enough if you add this into the game.

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