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Wish to see added into the game. (Tweaks and more creatures with reasons why as well as detail of how it would work.)

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Personally, I think it would be cool to see a Frog in the Upper Pond. The frog being more like the wolf spider is naturally aggressive towards the player and smaller bugs, like aphids, ants, and weevils. The Frog goes to sleep at night and wakes up around noon staying within 30 (game distance) of the Upper Pond. The Frog's aggro range is 10 (game distance) Where the Frog travels around (or where it sleeps perhaps) the Frog will leave little droppings (acts like clay) that can have those bug parts in them or even a backpack (10 percent chance of spawning maybe). The Frog's HP will be like the Green Shield bug, the Frog's attack is a tongue shot where it flings its tongue at the player (and bugs) if it hits the player the player is brought towards the Frog where it can bite the player or bug. Since it is a Frog, it can also launch itself at the player to get closer doing a small AOE damage. When killed the Frog will drop its tongue which can be used as like a grappling tool of some kind, and its legs that can be used as a better fins upgrade but also allows you to jump higher and take less fall damage. The Grappling tool is crafted with one Frog tongue, one bombardier part, 3 sap, one berry leather (or pupa leather), and a mosquito beak. The Grapple can go as far as 10 (game distance). The Frog could also drop some Frog Eggs which can be used to make a food item that gives a jump boost, swim boost, and fall resistance for a short time and fills up half of your food. The Frog could also be a boss if the game Developers also chooses to. (These suggestions are all on the steam community page under Grounded Creature Ideas, hosted by emceeparkour.) I have another suggestion for a Landmark. The Landmark can be in the center of the Great Oak Tree below the branches. It can be a hole the size of the bird and that is where the bird's nest is with a small branch right below it for the bird to land. Every three days (more or less this is the developer's choice.) there can be up to five feathers and maybe some spider or other bug parts. A way up to it besides building would be a hole (small enough for a player to go up) at the bottom of the trunk opposite corner of the milk molar that leads right to the nest. I also have a suggestion for a few additions that are more of an ease of use rather than full of game change. These suggestions are a change to how the mutation Mom-Genes works and how you can view certain tools. The tools would work like this; When looking at tools (specifically axes and hammers) you can see what they can break at their current tier. For instance, Tier 1 hammer says it can break sap, rocks, and acorns. While the Tier 1 axe can say that it can break grass, dandelions, and berries. Shovels could say they can dig up bugs, and, depending on the tier, what they can currently dig up. (Example for shovels: tier one can dig up bugs, tier two can dig up bugs some treasure and gum.) In my own opinion I think this would especially help new players who have never seen how the game is played. The suggestion for a change in the mutation, Mom-Genes, would work like this; For the mom genes mutation I think it would be best to have the spiderling summoning either be via a key press with a considerably long cool down or the status say at what point it will activate.

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