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Hello, I'm a fan for a short time, I started at the end of 2021 and the game was already well advanced.
I am impatiently awaiting the official release like many, and I take advantage of my time here to salute the work of the people who work on Grounded.
Otherwise, I'm also here to tell you about my way of playing Grounded for a month or two. I decided, a little before the "Bugs strike back" update to play a
game trying not to kill any insects, none (except the 6 mites at the beginning where we have to) And I was delighted to see that the game allows that,
I am currently in T2, and do not undergo ANY raid on my base, which is very appreciable. The "Reativity Faction" works perfectly.
Thanks to the bestiary I can check that I don't do any kills, in short happiness 😉
Keep it up guys!

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