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Weapon swap, ability managment FPS Drops



Watch the video,

Im surrering from this bug pretty long time, and didnt find any solutions to fix this, maybe someone can help?

I have SSD, 8 VRAM, 16 RAM.

So the problem in two words (kinda) - When ever you try swap your hero weapon or try to use abilities the game just freeze for 1s (FPS drops to 0) then go normal again, it causes me a tons of miss clicks and because the game count your actions while it "freezed", for example in dialogue you want to choose option number "1" pressing with you mouse the game freezes and obviously you will move your mouse somewhere, and while the game unfreezes it will count option number "2" for example.

Turning off VSync and AA option setting helps, but fps drop still happens but not much ofter.



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