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On 6/22/2022 at 7:24 PM, Foughtcloud said:

Want to eventually get into the gaming industry, trying to learn the basics for game programming. Does anyone recommend any specific websites or videos for learning C++?

Excuse the late reply, but I find myself in a similar situation. Been looking around various websites and while most of them provide helpful guidance that's easy enough to follow, the more advanced lessons aren't free. You've got to pay for a subscription which is to be expected I guess.

I've yet to find somewhere that gives me enough of what I need without having to spend money. There are various YouTube tutorials but they only get you so far. To get around this, I've been practicing with Twine, which requires small amounts of coding. It's not much but better than nothing right?

As for C++, you could try here: https://cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/introduction/

Hope this helps in some capacity.

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