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Grounded: Beautifully Crafted Game with a dark side

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Dear Grounded Developers,

I am writing this letter to inform you of your utter and complete failure to code a working ****ing game. Your network code is single-handedly the worst network code I have ever had to experience. I am deeply saddened by the complete lack of effort demonstrated by the THREE-PERSON team working on the network code. I am unable to play with a friend on Grounded for more than twenty consecutive minutes. This is an abomination to the gaming industry and the obese, lazy programmers responsible for this atrocity of a multiplayer system should be fired immediately.

My body is wracked with remorse merely thinking about the poor programmers who have to recode the entire multiplayer networking code because it is clearly so horrible.

I am begging you, Obisidian Entertainment Administration, find it in your budget to hire some decent ****ing programmers to fix your networking code.

Warm regards,
A concerned player.

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