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The Outer Worlds 2 (and Avowed) NEEDS official mod support and tools

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I really liked TOW, I have played it a lot of times by now. Its funny, it has good characters, interesting places, and decent gunplay. Compared to standard Fallout 4 I actually prefer it overall.

But when I replay Fallout 4, or New Vegas, or Skyrim, I always start by modding them. They all come with great official modding tools that allows me to change them in almost any way I want. For New Vegas, which is a bit old, I usually add mods that make gun play more responsive and intense. Also add some user made expansions and locations (love New Vegas Bounties). For 4 I add mods to improve the crafting, add tons of new components, and mods that allow settlements to expand automatically instead of me building the whole world.

All these mods make the games way better, and in the end its why I have more hours in even Morrowind than I have in TOW. All of them come with official modding tools that are based on Bethesda's own game development tools, allowing you to modify almost anything.

This adds so much longevity to their games. Meanwhile TOW has just a few mods that changes some minor things. Its either graphics changes or small changes to variables. Not having mod tools remove so much potential for improvement.

So yeah, for The Outer Worlds 2 (and Obsidian's upcoming RPG Avowed) they really should add mod support. They use Unreal Engine 4, which has actually come a long way when it comes to modding. Look at other UE4 games like ARK or SQUAD for simple proof, or look at Unreal's own documentation, tutorials or forums. They have gone out of their way to allow developers to add mod support.

I hope the devs see this. I am in no way saying that this is something easy to do or anything like that. I just want to point out that mod support is not just some extra gimmick, its one of the biggest features a game like this can have.

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Mod support is crucial for enhancing player experience and extending a game's longevity. Bethesda's titles, with robust modding tools, showcase the potential for player-driven content. Implementing mod support in The Outer Worlds 2 and Avowed would significantly benefit these games.

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