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Ability to customize characters: Armor dyes by locating paint cans or household items that could change the character aesthetically. Or maybe find different fibers where we could customize a shirt? 
-Ability to find backpacks that could change the colors of your backpack. Similar to the SCA.Bs located around the backyard.

A way to break weapons and armor to get items back. 

Ability to have a tier III shield from Burr that could re-bounce damage back to the enemy on a perfect block.

Ability to zoom closer when connecting zip lines that are far away. Peep does not go far enough. 

-Please don’t rearrange my backpack items 

- Ability to TAME A WOLF SPIDER PLEASE!!! We have the cards and having gold cards. Maybe give the player the option to tame a wolf spider when the player has killed a certain amount of wolfies. Or get a mutation that allows the player to be able to tame a wolf spider, but make it so that the player has to do something grand to be able to unlock that mutation. Give veteran players ability to stand out. 

We’ve been enjoying the game guys, thank you and can’t wait for full release! 

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