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The Embiggening c0cktail in survival! (Spoiler warning)

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I found a way to get the recipe for the Embiggening c0cktail in survival! After giving the pond chip to Burg.l, go through his whole script (make him say everything, don’t say ‘go on’ until he has said everything else) and after talking about the SPAC.R program, popping like a gremlin and a microwave and giving you a cell related to the c0cktail, you will receive the recipe!


This is still in development, as it has the placeholder icon, but this could be game changing! The recipe for it is berry leather, koi scales, ????, ????, and ????! How mysterious! 

Perhaps this could be as a part of 1.0, but until then, there are so many other things to be potentially in the next update! Under-shed, upper pond, or maybe a cheeky tier 4 intro from the fabled Blossoming Assassin! (Praying mantis) Enjoy salivating over this vexing concoction of a c0cktail, and remember: everything is always… subject to change!



Replace the 0 with an o in c0cktail, this program bleeps offensive words. 😄

Edited by Teddy Ellinor-Wheeler
It bleeped a word so because it was important to the topic purpose (so people can try it out) I needed to edit the bleep out, and replaced the o with an 0. No offence is intended.
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