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I've done nothing but restart my priest for months and I'm starting to hate myself

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I'll try to keep this succinct, and I'm really sorry for bothering you guys with this. I can't pick between a Priest of Eothas or a Priest of Magran. I get to Nekataka, do a couple minor side quests and start second guessing myself.

Eothas : My main issue is that my character is basically a rehash of Eder so it feels like any unique perspective of the story would already be covered by him. The few class lines I've seen seem to imply that the character is fanatical about Eothas, which he isn't. I like that I can play this character without the reputation indicators because Shady and Cruel are easy to avoid (although there were some quests in PoE1 that sorta required Deceptive to be completed, which sucked). I feel I'm free to make whatever decision I want regarding the main plot - I don't exactly know what happens, but I don't feel like I would be railroaded into a specific decision by the green man or the other gods. I can more or less be a "godless" priest.

Magran : Spicier. Can still be a benevolent character, but with a bit of kick to him when someone deserves it. Lots of Magran themed gear and fire keywords. But sometimes being a generous or helpful magranite just seems like I'm playing it wrong/metagaming, and I would definitely need the reputation indicators to avoid diplomatic and passionate options. I'll need to pump up Intimidate for dialogue, which might conflict with my "generally good" persona. I'm also going to run into the problem of asking "What would Magran do" in a lot of situations. Unlike Eothas, she's there and she's popular, so I'm worried I'll get to a point where I'll feel like I have to do what she says as opposed to doing what I feel is best.

And as a side note, getting Torrent of Flame at 7 instead of Storm of Holy Fire or Cleaning Flame is kinda mean.

So I guess the questions would be : is there any merit to RPing a priest of Eothas if I'm just going to be like Eder? Is playing a good priest of magran an oxymoron, or will I just be giving myself severe cognitive dissonance trying to justify it?

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I prefer Eothas or Berath. There are nice things for fire damage but also lots of things highly armoured vs fire or even immune. I would pick eothas as I play inline his dispositions naturally but a devoted berath cleric is great with the summoned weapon. As SC he also has the best summon spell of all priests.

You could also dump eder for rekke if you want companions rather than your own party.

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