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Praying Mantis

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With the new into the wood update it gave us part of the upper yard and that could potentially open up for a new stronger enemy which would be the Praying Mantis.

The Praying Mantis would be found in the upper yard on the opposite side of the shed from the wood pile. Mantises have a couple of basic attacks like a claw or a grab move but they also have a charge attack where they ready a charge toward the target and cut down the enemy during the charge. The Mantis enemy has a few drops, the most common being Mantis parts (1-3 drops), the less common drop being the Mantis claw (0-1 drops) and the rarest being the Mantis head (0-1). The Praying Mantis also have a weaker variant called Young Praying Mantis which can be often found near other adult Praying Mantis and they drop Mantis parts only (0-2)

The Mantis drops can be used to craft some new tools and materials. One of these new craft-able items is the Mantis Machete (5 Mantis parts, 3 Mantis claws, 3 pupa leather) this would probably be a tier 3 or 4 weapon. Another one of these items is the Mantis axe (TBD crafting recipes) The final tool is the Mantis shield which deals thorn like damage whenever you get a perfect block (TBD crafting recipe)

Overall I hope for some new scary enemies in this game with some unique new tools and armor.


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