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Suggestions for the future

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I'm hugely enjoying the game.  Very well done and engaging.  Here are some suggestions to make it even better:

1. Triple screens - if people select triple screen resolutions allow all the HUD items to be just on the center screen; you might also allow POV to move back a touch (see the comments online that Horizon Zero Dawn got about over the shoulder POV when they made their PC version).  Could also just let people move all the on screen HUD where they want them.

2. Pond water while at bottom of the pond - allow player to drink water when they are in the bottom of pond habitat.  Yes it will be nasty, but isn't any different than standing at side of pond.  I had to multiple times come out of pond habitat to surface to get water.

3. Backpack save arrangement - I usually have my backpack set in a certain order (weapons on bottom left section).  When I die and have to go back to get my backpack, I have to restore that order.  Allow the save function at death to save that order and reproduce - IF - I don't have a bunch of new stuff in my new backpack.

4. Containers symbols - would like text for container symbols; or at the least, make sure you have a good solid symbol for every type of item.  I think you were at the least missing something for aquatic insects.

5. I had issues getting stuck in/under the napkins in the trash.  Also saw this on youtube videos.

6. Some bugs get stuck in rocks and branches, and can even still hit you.  But overall, nice job with impact physics.

7. Would like ability to see container access - maybe a colored globe that shows if a bench is within.  Was frustrating to have a container not quite near enough to some workbench or something to be auto accessed.  And/or make container access circles bigger.

8. Allow big, arched windows for 2 levels great rooms - maybe make a competition for best looking buildings.

9. Review all trail markers to see if they need a touch more 'hint' to figure out.  I had to youtube a couple.

10. Coup de Grace mutation - only found the first with youtube - make a hint on a piece of paper or something; also let either one be first, not just leaf and then d20.  Also, have the character say something to himself about needing a better weapon to move the d20 if it isn't moving enough.

11. Make sure all mutations are useful, I felt like hyperstamina wasn't as useful based on its description.

12. Allow pre-build of some items like trailmarkers and stack in your backpack, same for repair packs for armor or weapons.  Same for torches, water torches.  Maybe allow 5-6 of those.  I can carry 19 pieces of granite, but 1 torch.  Maybe not 19 torches, but more than 1 per cell.

13. Allow me to filter the map by icons.  If this is already there, sorry - I couldn't use it.  Also let me filter HUD map icons by type.  If I want to see the house symbols, but not the hex tent - let me select that; or filter either map or HUD by color.

14. New creatures - yes, I know everyone has an opinion on this one - wasps, hornets, dragonfly, ticks, centipede, millipede, cricket.

15. More shields and maybe some that go with armor combo sets

16. Heavy armor doesn't seem very popular vs. quicker stuff; any way to balance a bit more?

17. Some water droplets and dead aphids suspended in the air after I chopped down the supporting grass blade.

18. Bunkbeds for multiplayer?

19. Quests - make them ramp up a bit more.  I was harvesting 10 aphids for a quest when I was using crow crossbow and rolly polly armor - so a bit out of balance.  I also had some repeat.  Feel free to ramp them up for true challenge (5x, 10x, 20x) - like 10x mutated ladybugs would be pretty challenging.

20. Quests2 - I would get quests that said make aphid slippers, while I'm literally wearing them.  So have the system see I have that item in my inventory (backpack or base) and get credit.

21. Arrows - make each arrow truly distinct from others - also tell me the damage vs. the others.  You really only show damage differences between bow/crossbow types, not the arrows.

22. Arrows2 - I think the type of arrow you had selected when you saved doesn't necessarily come back up.  I usually have feather arrows selected and have seen gas arrows come back up after loading save game.

23. Some RS points are hard to find.  I still haven't found the paint can one yet.

24. Show repair requirements of each item even if item is at full capacity to allow me to figure out what I need to take to repair on long trips.

25. Make sure food degrades on spit.

26. The entry for the sap collector was confusing, I tried to make several on dead branches that didn't produce into the collector, but they respawned later.  So add something to the description telling player that it only works on live branches.

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