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Scroll Wheel Inventory Swap

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For those who use computers to play, I would like to suggest using the mouse scroll wheel to swap to different inventory in the hot box/pouch. It would just make gameplay so much more easier and flow better, in my opinion. In almost every other game it has that option so I think you guys should add it, it would be a lot more nice if that was at least just an option. Thank you. 

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On day one, I might have agreed with this idea, but after playing for a while longer and getting used to things, I think the hotpouch works quite well. The important thing to remember is that you can bind a key to select your previous item, which allows you an extra 10th slot, which I use as my main hand. That way, as long as I swap back to my main hand before selecting another tool, I can swap between 3 different tools without opening my inventory, or taking up more than 2 slots. I also bound slot 4 and slot 8 to my programmable mouse buttons, which allow me to draw my ranged weapon, or use a healing item respectively. 

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