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grounded steam version keeps on crashing after a few minutes of playing

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okay so i got this game recently and have so far spend 100 minutes trying to make this game run. i used to have it on the gamepass version and there it worked all fine tho the steam version keeps crashing after like 2 minutes or 20 minutes of playing. i tried to turn down graphic settings, keep everything updated, reinstalled the driver, run it on directx 11 and so on. what can i still do to make this game somehow work because it seems really odd for the gamepass version to work all fine but the steam version being so unstable for me

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I have the same issue several months ago. I try almost everything to fix it. And finally wrote to Obsidian support. Support ask me about DXdiag file and video file that shows crashes. They said they try to investigate issue... after one month of silence they come back and ask me to try game again... And hurraaayyy!!! Crashes are gone, and I'm able to play game for several hours =)))
But yesterday this crash bug is back!!! 
And I'm again try everything =)) And wrote to support at the end ))) That is so annoying. =( Hope final version will be stable. =(

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