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Can't change email address to log in with

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1. Using PC (Steam).
2. Multiplayer  (other questions not applicable can't get to Multiplayer due to issue with account/login)

3. Description of issue: When I boot the game, I can tell it to use a different email address than the one it's showing. (That one is locked and due to personal reasons I can't link a phone number to the hotmail/outlook account to unlock it with. I only have a work mobile and I'm not allowed to link that one). When I then go to 'Multiplayer', however, it is still showing the original (and locked) email address, not giving me any chance to change it.

Request: Please allow us to change the email address we are attempting to log in with when approaching the multiplayer section (PC - Steam). Additionally, using the obsidian account to log in with? That'd be cool, too.

4. Last thing you did in the game before the issue occurred, if applicable: N/A

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