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Future Insects / Updates

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The game's fun and pretty expansive but it's lacking some quality of life changes that could make a huge difference.  For starters being able to customize your save a bit more would be fantastic, more config settings and being able to adjust an existing save would be great.  The new siege mechanic is fun, but again more config settings that we can adjust ourselves to change how reactive some of the factions are would make a huge difference.  One thing that has bothered me about the game is that all insects have different weaknesses, which in theory is cool and all but it does crowd your inventory with all the different weapons, having some kind of weapons satchel separate from your inventory with a hot swap key to switch between melee or ranged weapons quickly would be nice.   I'd also love to see some intelligence from the insects, if each faction all had a purpose and a goal each day for surviving instead of mindless wandering or food gathering the game would have an entirely different feel, also a leader for some factions would be interesting such as a Queen Bee.  More air defenses and being able to reinforce walls is kind of a necessity too with sieges in the game now especially since they're pretty spontaneous and sometimes they happen when you're away from your base.

As for insect's there's already a pretty good variety but there's a few essential one's that have been left out.  I've seen a lot of insect suggestions but I think the most basic of all would be the best addition, the worm, lots of different variations and they'd definitely have a unique attack pattern, also burrowing would be an interesting new addition as flying insects are currently dominating the game right now.  Next i'd say a centipede would be a solid addition, we need an interesting large insect and I think the centipede is about as big as they can go without being silly, there's lots of different variations of centipedes so there's lots of possibilities there.  My next choice is the scorpion, another large insect I think could really impact the game in a good way if implemented correctly.  Butterfly is another great choice, it'd be great if we could use their wings to glide because mobility is really lacking right now.  Hornet, Slug, Mantis are my last three.

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