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As posted on Reddit "Patch 0.13 Bug and Issues Megathread"

Platform: Xbox 

Method of "Purchase": Xbox

Singleplayer or Multiplayer? Multiplayer: 4 players

Description: With the speed up update for the zipline and plus velocity damage, my ziplines that are faster are making me and my friends stuck on the wall in the end of them or going through the building. If we try to jump right before the end to not be stuck or inside the buildings we take damage hitting the wall.

End Result: Stuck on the wall or going through buildings

Hardware: Me (host): Xbox Series S  -  Others: PC / Xbox One / Xbox Series X

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I have problems with speed of ziplines too. When I use ziplines for hauling weed stems or grass planks they dont get slowed at the end of zipline and leave zipline at mach speed. Then I can't find most of the stalks because they fly away, colide with buildings, fall through lilypad floors and so on. I manage to build some form of "catcher" with walls around landing area, but somtimes the stems fly away never to be seen again :-)

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I have the same Problem with one of my Ziplines.
Once inside the wall you either have the coice to destroy the wall or give up.

As a Workaround you can put the Anchor on top of an open door. So you just slide inside the building.

My System: Xbox One - Single Player

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