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Allow changing custom game settings even for previously created game saves

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In the Patch 0.13 update, you enabled changing the custom game settings for save games which were created with "custom" difficulty.

My son and I are very invested in an old save game which was created with "mild" difficulty. We would like to customize the game settings. Could you allow to do so?

If there are technical constraints preventing this, an alternative would be to allow importing buildings and inventory from an existing save game into a new one. This would not copy over story progression, but at least players wouldn't have to start completely from scratch.

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I agree, particularly with the new faction update which destroyed hundreds of hours of work on bases in my game which I have been working on for literal years. I want to turn it off. Let us turn stuff off if you're adding new stuff! 

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Agree as well.  Please let us toggle this off with our existing game.  Most of us did not build with this in mind.  We do not want to turn our lovely homes into a War Zone.  Nor do we want to start over again. "I refuse to trade in my Level 9 Crossbow for a sprig bow! Just not gonna happen. Don't even suggest it!"  (And you thought Ladybirds were sweet!) 🙃 

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