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Can't join my friends Game anymore.

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i found out that it is because i dont own the game myself. so now if you want to play with your friends you have to use the multplayer feature in the game and you have to own the game. sharing from another library doesnt work and wont let you join your friend even if its the same microsoft account.

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I'm slightly confused because you mention M$ and Steam. With Xbox game pass, games like Back4Blood I had to buy 1 copy so that my game share kicked in and we could play simultaneously (Not happy, waste of money. Plus split screen should have been available at launch) My account is set as home on his console. But I've not had this problem with Grounded even after the update (same with Ark) and I assumed it was due to it being a preview game like Ark was (is?)

On Steam my buddy and I share libraries but we have never been able to play simultaneously. Not sure about preview games. I personally would never BUY a preview game, especially with the direction this last update and a few past updates have left the state of the game. (Not that I don't think people should be paid for work, see below)

I'm not a fan of paying to be a beta tester or beta testing for free, to me preview means I get to try something out and the team gets feedback, it does not mean buying a broken bug filled game like so many games these days. I am also becoming a lot more picky on buying any games these days from TOS/licenses basically stating we are renting, not OWNING games to P2W/legalized gambling/constant nerfs/DLC/season pass/other BS.

I actually had 0 intention of buying this new gen of consoles for the above reasons as well as PSN/M$ way of dealing with backcharges, gamer tag/console total bans and etc and was going to push my son to full PC but my original issues were still there, I will not overpay for PC parts, and I will never game on a laptop so I got him the new gen Xbox (though again, I had to get the S as the X was way over priced and I'm not wasting time hoping to score one, entering a lottery, or paying some membership fee. 

I guess overall I'm not really happy with the state of video games these days which is why I really only play for/with him these days. The last 2 games I personally played for me were Destiny 1 and Dead Rising 4. I also think games that can/do/SHOULD be split screen should have an option to play on different screens simultaneously without the need for a second copy. Seeing an article on Goldeneye about the museum being able to split it to 4 monitors was awesome. 

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