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Crashing every few mins May 11, 2022

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My son and I got on to try out the update (that we were not looking forward to) and craft new chests to allow us to store more material for the new armor update and we can't go longer than 5 mins without me hearing him say "Oh, my game crashed" and then seeing my screen go black and kicked back to login. 
Both on xbox, hes on Xbox Series S and I'm on Xbox one (black kinect version) Custom game (no food/water needed and no backpack drop upon death)

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i'm having the same problem since the update on pc, in multiplayer with another player on pc. in an old save game from before the update, so far we didn't have this problem.

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Posted (edited)

My full explanation is a bit long winded since it includes workarounds to M$ shady business practice of their Series X/S of external drives on "enhanced" games but the short version is, I uninstalled all and reinstalled all and eventually it worked for the most part. Instead of crashing every few mins, it now only crashes during important or tedious things. 

Long version. Series X/S should play ALL games from EXTERNAL HDD if they are normal or enhanced. And if you come from an Xbox One, they do until an update is pushed for the game or some "unknown" time. Randomly the Series X/S will FORCE you to install the enhanced games to internal drive and play from there (I ASSUME the "update" is pushed as ENHANCED instead of normal and that is the reason)

Searches online and hours with Micro$oft support yield no help. Everything/everyone treats you like an idiot, (should know you can't play enhanced from external) should have bought the internal upgrade, (not happening for an S console) external HDD not compatible, external HDD failing.

Micro$oft has now (since I was gamming back in 2009) outsourced their "tech" support to Indians, forces you to use a cell phone for a call back, only allows you 3 calls per day, and refuses to give an SR ticket number or transfer you to an American (my region). So its constant hold times while the Indians text the real "techs" and solutions are 1 Get a new HDD 2 Play from internal 3 Send in Xbox for warranty.

BUT if you still have the old Xbox One you replaced with the new S/X, you can download the game and updates on the external to play (obviously the HDD is not broken/failing/too slow/not compatible/insert BS excuse here) then unplug the HDD from the Xbox One (make sure everything is deleted off the Series X/S) then plug the external HDD into the Series X/S and play normally for unknown time (update? M$ decides? Unknown)

After uninstalling EVERYTHING from EVERYWHERE and then playing: 1 Xbox One and Xbox Series S on external AND 2 Xbox One and Series S on INTERNAL: Both stopped the crashing every few mins and BOTH still randomly crash about the same; usually at key moments (major chest inventory changes, building additions, and etc but it is NOT frequently however still 99.99% more than BEFORE the update. 

I hope this helps.  

Edited by John Strange
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