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More Defense options

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With the introduction to insects attacking our bases, I'd like to see more defense options. 


The turrets are a nice addition, but more stationary defense items would be great. Playing as a single player, having turrets that aren't automated are almost useless. Giving them automation when the enemy insects arrive would be a nice idea. 


I built a ton of spike traps when I had 3 waves of red ants and they demolished them quite fast & i had to turn off the attacks in order to repair what spike traps were left as well as repairing my base foundation. 


I like the idea of insects getting their revenge, but it is quite brutal at times. 

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Also—I am not sure how that affects the achievements, or if it does at all. But if it does, adding a Toggle (without having to go into custom settings) would be nice. I see many gamers on Steam worried about not receiving achievements due to customized settings. 

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The balance of the raids is a bit off still needing far more resources for repairs than are gained from winning the raid. I'm sure some players don't feel that is the point of the raids, but if there is no point to winning then beyond the additional difficulty I will be turning off this feature. It's currently a novelty for me and it delays story progression as I need to work on my bases more (not a bad thing in my eyes as Grounded is fairly short when you know what to do). I need to play a bit more to judge this fairly I think. 

It would be nice if during raids you participate in you got a 'new idea' for a more advanced form of spike trap or turret etc. This would create a sense of progression as raids went on as you were able to build better defenses over time. 

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