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Melee and Gun pairings and actives that can be used in both melee and ranged

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Basically, for attacks like Strike the Bell, one thing that's not clear to me, if I've already fired my shot, say, as an opener to build focus and I'm currently engaged in melee, if I use strike the bell to interrupt someone on the other side's backlines will I

A. Shoot as though the pistol was reloaded

B. Shoot after a reload animation


C. Disengage, run up to the mage, and hit them with my melee weapon like an idiot because the game registers me as in melee


My impression is B is the true one but I'm still a little bit worried I'm misreading what's happening on screen.

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It's B.

There are some AoE-attacks like for example Heart of Fury, Whirling Strikes or Whispers of the Wind which don't use the standard firing/reload animation. With them you would just use both weapons with no reload time/animation in between. Doesn't matter if you shot before or not.

But for all "normally" executed abilities like Strike the Bell and so on you will see B.

The game will not make you run anywhere into melee if you have a ranged weapon equipped - unless you a very close (but not quite there yet).

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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